(7-29-20) – Tonight at a Wapakoneta City Schools Board of Education meeting it looks like Wapakoneta has no plans to remove the ‘Redskins’ as their mascot.

Wapakoneta City Schools Superintendent Aaron Rex

“People ask me what has to happen to make a change. One, the state would probably have to make a law that says no Redskins, or two, the community would have to overwhelmingly tell our school board that it needs to change. So unless one of those two things happens then we will remain the Redskins.”

Allen went on to say why he felt the choice was correct –

“I think the board is always willing to listen to people. When you have a meeting like this you just never know how many people are going to come and exactly what they are going to say. I can tell you once The Lima News did a story Sunday with Ms. Bellman’s comments about changing the mascot we had 72 hours of people from all over that are former Redskins telling us they don’t want us to change it so I think if you look at the community of Wapakoneta and how people feel about the mascot, there is a lot of support to keep the name.”

Two other Stateline area schools, Ft. Loramie and St. Henry, also have the ‘Redskin’ as their mascots. There is no reason to believe that those two  schools will make a change of mascots any time soon.


Lima News storyWapak school board listens to opinions on mascot, says change will not come soon