“The only winning move is not to play the game”

(8-20-20) Back in the old days of TV sports, ABC’s Wide World of Sports opening featured this –

“The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat”

The past two days, Athletic Directors, Coaches and student athletes have felt both of those sensations.

On Tuesday Governor DeWine came out with the announcement that fall sports were a go, IF they follow the impending order that was released on Wednesday. That order was not what many schools officials were expecting, it includes some very high expectations of what will be expected to move forward. A curve ball that caught many off guard.

Add to all of the above and you give AD’s the details they need just two days before the start of those sports are getting ready to start.

Over the last several weeks multiple schools districts have put fall seasons on hold for many reasons, but hindsight might be that they all made the right decisions. The new requirements from the new order and restart plans that have been put in place are a monumental chore for school officials to take care of. AGAIN….all of this happened two days before the start of contact sports and the Governor waiting several weeks on making a decision.

Looking at the two documents above you will see what is facing OHSAA member schools as they look to start fall contact sports. The details in the documents from beginning to end will make your head spin. Consider that one state official has complete control over all of this during the pandemic…it makes you wonder when will this nightmare end.

For those school districts who made the decision to not play fall sports…they have probably made the right choice under these guideline. They saved themselves a lot of frustrations and many sleepless nights.

When will all of this hit you as a fan in the face…when the Friday Night Lights are turned on and you can’t get into watch the game, band members can’t march, cheerleaders can’t cheer.