(9-4-20) The OHSAA has launched a COVID-19 Observer’s Program at the strong recommendation of the Governor’s Office. Observers are designated individuals who are attending contests throughout the state to ensure mandates in the Ohio Health Director’s Order are being followed. These observers are asked to make contact with a school’s athletic administrator and/or Compliance Officer* prior to the contest and will work throughout to provide feedback to the school contact regarding any violations they observe. The observers are not in attendance to police the requirements set forth by the Governor’s Office. Again, they are simply there to report on what they find. Further, while many schools have expressed concerns about the program, please remember that the purpose of this program is educational in nature . . . the Governor and the OHSAA want your student-athletes to be able to continue to compete and, in order for that to continue, we all need to do our part to help slow the contracting and/or spreading of COVID-19.The observers will file reports with the OHSAA. We will review each report and use them as a tool to help schools maintain the mandates to provide a safe atmosphere and continue to provide opportunities.

*According to the Health Director’s Order, each school must designate a Compliance Officer who is responsible for the compliance of the Director’s Order. Whether that person is also your athletic administrator is up to each school.

Highlights/Key Reminders of the Concerns Raised by Observers During Week 1 of the Football Season

1.) No players, coaches, officials or spectators are to be congregated before, during or after the contest.

2.) Six-foot social distancing must be maintained at all times other than those on the field (or court in volleyball)–including those on the sidelines and benches–and including spectators not part of a family group.

3.) Hand sanitizer shall be made available throughout the venue.

4.) One-way ingressand egress for admission/entrance, exits, aisles, concessions and restrooms must be maintained at the venue.

5.) Facial coverings by everyone associated with the team must be worn at all times when not on the field (or courtin volleyball), including the bench and sideline.

6.) No physical contacting is permitted outside of the contest including, but not limited to, high fives, handshakes, etc. Here is a link to the checklist that the observers are provided: https://ohsaa-my.sharepoint.com/:b:/g/personal/tbrooks_ohsaa_org/ERndq1Jcq1dNk-ihpQ5bmNoBx2rFohOXx30SJQXOUEVM2g?e=DwXBrH

Here is a link to the overall summary of results provided by the observers from Week 1 of the football season:https://ohsaaweb.blob.core.windows.net/files/Sports/2020/20200831SummaryData.pdf

Below is complete memo on observers –