(9-3-20) Today member schools found out that the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) will be implementing measures to adjust to their large financial loses caused by the impact of the pandemic.

OHSAA Tournament Measures Approved by the OHSAA Board of Directors

The OHSAA Board of Directors earlier this summer approved the following tournament financial measures for the 2020-21 school year. The approval was based on a recommendation from the OHSAA Interim Executive Director’s staff following discussions that included the OHSAA Finance Committee, OHSAA Board of Directors members, executive directors from other state high school athletic associations and extensive internal deliberations that were headed by the OHSAA’s finance office. As previously noted, these recommendations came after the Association had already undertaken numerous financial measures —including cuts and new processes and procedures —and, combined, it is hopeful these will help ensure we can continue to provide unparalleled opportunities for students, despite the unknown status of future tournaments.The Board-approved measuresinclude:

Online Tickets: Presale tournament tickets will be available for all sports and will be sold online. At this point we do not expect gate tickets will be offered.

Standard Ticket Pricing: All sectional and district tournament tickets will be sold online at $8.00(fees included).

Presale Ticket Shares/Bonuses: Football and basketball presale ticket shares/bonuses will not be paid out to member schools participating in 2020-21 OHSAA tournaments.

Team Tournament Expenses: No team expenses will be paid to member schools participating in 2020-21 OHSAA tournaments.

Tournament Entry Fees: $25 tournament entry fees will be incorporated for the following sports: boys and girls bowling; boys and girls golf; gymnastics; boys and girls cross country; boys and girls tennis; boys and girls track & field, and boys and girls swimming & diving. As OHSAA “emerging” sports, boys and girls lacrosse will continue to have a $100 fee per gender.

Other Fees: Bowling tournament lane fees and golf tournament greens fees will not be paid by the OHSAA in 2020-21.

Tournament Suspension: The regional and state dual team wrestling tournaments will be suspended for the 2020-21 school year(although the 83rdseason of the individual wrestling tournaments will continue).

This is bad news for athletic directors and school administrators.

While the OHSAA hopes to overcome these major losses…local school districts will be feeling a major impact in their budgets. This will add to financial burdens schools have already faced since major budget cuts were implemented by the Governor at the beginning of the pandemic. Plus the loss of gate money at fall sports athletic events, especially football.

Complete memo sent to member schools today –