(2-22-21) Recently the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) reprimanded Walsh Jesuit High School for numerous recruiting violations involving donor-funded sports scholarships for 11 student-athletes.

The violations of Bylaw 4-9, that were self-reported by the school, were with the girls soccer and wrestling programs.

Walsh Jesuit President Karl Ertle said the 11 student-athletes remain enrolled at Walsh.

Ertle said to the Akron Beacon Journal

“We fully expect them to be Warriors and to graduate in great standing down the road. I am still waiting for final confirmation from the OHSAA regarding our consequences. We have been back-and-forth many times with the OHSAA reviewing different things as they ask for more information or more details about the things that we did self-report.”

The OHSAA executive director’s office acknowledged the school’s self-imposed penalties and corrective actions –

Dino McIntyre, who was the girls soccer coach, is not eligible to coach at Walsh Jesuit again and will be excluded from the Walsh Jesuit campus for a minimum of 42 months until the current freshman class graduates. Should McIntyre gain employment at a different OHSAA member school for the 2021 soccer season, he will be ineligible for the 2021 OHSAA postseason soccer tournament.

Walsh Jesuit suspended its wrestling coach, David Mariola Jr., earlier this season, but he was reinstated within the last month.

The involved donors are banned from the Walsh Jesuit campus for two years and forbidden from making donations, having connections, or communicating with Walsh Jesuit sports teams for five years.

The OHSAA is requiring the 11 student-athletes to relinquish the money paid by the donors for their tuition at Walsh Jesuit for the 2020-21 school year.

If any of the athletes decide to retain the scholarship and don't pay the money back by a specified deadline, or if they transfer to another school prior to repaying this money, they will be subject to a period of ineligibility in each sport in which they participate. 

All Walsh Jesuit coaches will attend an OHSAA recruiting seminar.

An athletic administrator was suspended for two weeks and will participate in the OHSAA training.

Walsh Jesuit implemented a new protocol for the business office to have third-party tuition payments more carefully reviewed.

The Board of Education established an athletic committee that will begin a top-to-bottom review of all procedures and processes and confer with other schools regarding best practices.

The school has been fined $500.

No formal announcement on what the OHSAA will officially do with the school for the violations has been released, that might include forfeits and probation.