(8-6-21) Harlem (Illinois) High School Basketball Coach Mike Winters has written a new book ‘The Journey: Lessons From The Hardwood’. Currently the book is available on Amazon (Kindle only).

Winters is an Illinois veteran coach with stops at Oregon, Rockford Jefferson, Rock Falls, Rockford Boylan and presently at Harlem.

2001-02 Oregon HS Basketball Team

Winters has opened his career with 14 consecutive winning seasons, has led three different programs to the State Tournament (SuperSectional or beyond). Rockford Jefferson placed 4th in the state in 2005. Rock Falls made a SuperSectional appearance in 2006 as the smallest AA school in that class. Boylan was a SuperSectional qualifier in 2013 and 2016.

Winters has been named the IBCA District Coach of the Year seven times and was the Sauk Valley Newspapers Coach of the Year in 2006 and the NIC-10 Coach of the Year in 2016. His teams have won 7 conference titles, 8 regional titles and 4 sectional titles. He led his teams to nine 20-win seasons and two 30-win seasons.

Available on Amazon (Kindle)

From one of the most passionate and energetic high school coaches in the state of Illinois, Mike Winters provides a basketball coaches’ guide to building and sustaining a championship program.  

Drawing from 25 years of experience, Coach Winters provides glimpses into what it takes to build a championship culture and provides guidance on how to build your offensive and defensive philosophies as well as how to prepare your teams for special situations and how to determine and develop your late game coaching philosophies. 

The Journey: Lessons from the Hardwood will provide everything a leader needs to consider when it comes to building his or her philosophy around the strengths of their teams whether in the world of sports or in the business world, and ties everything together with anecdotes and examples from a successful career in coaching. 

Coach Winters knows what it takes to win at the high school level. In The Journey, he provides an all encompassing perspective of what it takes to be a leader, a successful coach, father and husband all at the same time. The Journey chronicles his rise from being a 26 year old head coach to now being a father and a husband and how his perspective has changed on what matters most.

  • Coming soon in book form

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