(12-8-21) The Portland Commercial Review’s Sports Editor Chris Schanz, in a recent tweet said that he will be leaving to return to his home area in Michigan.

Schanz in a recent article talked about his time in Portland –

You’ve been a priority of mine for close to nine years.

Life’s priorities, however, don’t last forever.

The impact you’ve had on my life, though, will.

Schanz, who left the CR for a short stay (Nov. 1, 2019, through Feb. 7, 2020) at the Evening Leader, has spent almost nine years as sports editor in Portland. His coverage of local Stateline high school sports, Jay County and Ft. Recovery, has been exceptional. In this day of social media coverage, Schanz has been a star at all levels from writing to photography.

Will he continue covering high school sports in Michigan?

While I don’t know what’s to come in terms of my career, I’m glad to be a free agent. I’ve got some time to ponder my next move, explore any new interests and perhaps find a different path.