(1-18-22) Chicago Public Schools (CPS) and the Illinois High School Association (IHSA) seem to have an ‘unbreakable‘ bond recently.

This includes a recent adding of a CPS representative to the board… approved by the IHSA board not by the membership –

from the board minutes

The Board welcomed David Rosengard, the Executive Director of Sports Administration for Chicago Public Schools, to the Board. David will serve in the newly created non-voting liaison position that the Board approved at their meeting in December, 2021. The liaison role is reserved for representation from Chicago Public Schools (CPS) when CPS is not officially represented on the IHSA Board.

It seemed to have been a plus for CPS at the last board meeting as one action was approved –

The Board approved a recommendation to extend the IHSA Cheerleading season limitation by one week for Chicago Public Schools. Who made the recommendation and why was it necessary.

The IHSA seems to have turned a blind eye when it came to the recent walk out of teachers and later by students recently. CPS members were allowed to compete and practice during this time…despite the bylaws prohibiting this.

This year the board, like several other states have done, implemented a membership fee for schools. The fee was to help with the pandemic financial issues facing the association.

IHSA Board To Implement Membership Fee

The Board approved a recommendation from the IHSA Financial Ad Hoc Committee to implement an annual membership assessment over the course of the 2021-22, 2022-23, and 2023-24 school years. Known as the IHSA Recovery Plan, the graduated fee structure is based on a school’s enrollment, which is generally a strong indicator of participation in IHSA sport and activity programs. Assessments for the 2021-22 school year will be collected through September 1, 2021. The graduated assessment structure is as follows:

1-155   $500 $250 $125 
307.5-605  $1,250$625$313
605.5-1379 $1,625$813$407
1379.5+  $2,000$1,000$500

The IHSA has not released how much income has come from the new fee or what each school ended up paying this year. No word if everyone has paid this fee.

Doing the math….CPS has 100 schools competing this year in boys basketball, taking the lowest fee (1-155 enrollment) of $500…CPS would have paid in the neighborhood of $50,000. But since none of those figures have been released this is just a guess? Would be happy to post the actual numbers if we knew how to acquire them.

Hats off to CPS administrators and football coaches…they understand how to qualify the largest number of schools for the playoffs.

FOOTBALL (2021 season) –

  • (31 CPS schools are not eligible to participate in IHSA Football Playoffs)
  • (48 CPS schools are eligible to participate in IHSA Football Playoffs, 24 qualified for playoffs)

CPS conferences are set-up based on different factors…in five of the football conferences all of the teams are deemed not eligible to qualify for the IHSA playoffs by CPS administration. The other eight conferences, all with six members in each conference are eligible.

In 2021…of the 48 CPS schools eligible for the playoffs, 24 qualified. The IHSA system says that the title winner of a conference with six members or more automatically qualify. That gives CPS 8 guaranteed schools.

Meanwhile the CPS boys basketball conferences are made up of 10 schools.

IHSA transfers are something the association really has no control over….any two schools involved in the association have the ability to approve or disapprove the transfer.

CPS oversees all transfers within their system…how many transfers do they see every year? Not like there is an issue with transfers in CPS athletics.

CPS statesOnce the Request for Eligibility Form is submitted, the Office of Sports Administration will determine a ruling of “eligible” or “ineligible” for a period not to exceed 365 days.

CPS and the IHSA seem happy in the present set-up, but a look at the situation a split between the two might make a positive impact on both sides. Time to involve the IHSA membership in the future relationship between the two groups.