(4-6-22) The Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) will be voting on 14 referendum items in May.

Issue 12B has drawn a lot of attention during the process.

ISSUE 12B: New Amateurism Bylaw (Add Name Image and Likeness Regulations)

This proposed addition would now allow student-athletes to sign endorsement agreements so long as their teams, schools and/or the OHSAA are not being represented within those endorsements and provided there are no endorsements with companies that do not support the mission of education-based athletics (casinos, gambling, alcohol, drugs, tobacco). If passed, effective May 16, 2022.

So will the OHSAA have to stop their deal with ADA Mideast if 12B is passed? Over the past several years OHSAA State Champions have posed with some form of milk product from the group…some include the entire team in a picture (see above). The new referendum would not allow the teams or athletes to endorse this in the future. Does the OHSAA not have to abide by its own rule if it is passed?