(4-6-22) The Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) has a referendum item that members will vote on in May.

Issue 4B would permit a student enrolled at a member public high school that does not sponsor a team sport in which the student desires to participate to petition to play that sport at a public school located in a bordering public school district pursuant to the bordering district’s duly adopted Board of Education resolution.

If 4B is passed it would allow for student-athletes at Midwestern Athletic Conference (MAC) schools the opportunity to play boys soccer at a bordering school in the near future.

That means that the three local Western Buckeye League (WBL) (Celina, St. Marys and Wapakoneta) schools who sponsor boys and girls soccer programs would be able to add student-athletes from neighboring MAC schools.

MAC member New Knoxville, who has the only boys soccer team in the conference, would also be able to add area student-athletes. as well. Presently the Rangers soccer program is a coed program. Coldwater’s girls soccer team could also add student-athletes from neighboring schools.

The MAC is known for winning numerous state football titles over the years…the unspoken word from MAC members…no boys soccer to diminish or take away from the football programs. Should 4B pass that would challenge that motive.

OHSAA member school principals were surveyed earlier this year:

The results shows it will will not be a ‘slam dunk’ on passage. 4B was a late addition to the referendum ballot despite showing member schools were not in favor of it. That makes sense since both OHSAA public and private school members will be voting on this item. As well as MAC members, who most likely will vote against the issue.