(7-17-22) If you see Defiance Hall of Fame Baseball Coach Tom Held with a smile on his face today…here is the reason for it.

Yesterday at the ACME State Baseball Tournament in St. Henry the Bulldogs’ Aidan Kiessling (6’1 RHP) was putting ‘happy’ numbers on the radar gun. He threw over 20 pitches in the 90’s and on his 74th pitch he threw one for 92mph. Even in Defiance, whose program is known for producing pitchers with lots of speed, this was an impressive day on the mound.

Kiessling picked up the ACME State Tournament quarterfinal win yesterday over Russia 11-0, allowing just one hit, no walks and 10 strikeouts.

Kiessling, who just finished his Jr. year in High School baseball season, looks to be the ‘next big thing‘ in a very storied baseball program.

What is ACME baseball?

ACME Baseball provides meaningful and rewarding opportunities for all high school baseball players to compete in the summer – when the weather is best for playing baseball.

By offering both a Junior ACME and (Varsity) ACME league, our organization allows spring programs to play competitively “together” during the summer. This strategy builds team chemistry, a stronger program foundation and allows younger players to gain varsity-like experience.