(8-31-22) Tomorrow night in one of the best high school football rivalries in Southwestern Michigan…will take place when neighbors Niles and Buchanan play in week two of the football season.

Since the series restarted the Vikings shut-out the Bucks 26-0 last season and in 2020 the Bucks won 19-0.

Yes the game is important to both teams—

Niles vs. Buchanan in the 1960’s was one to always mark down on your calendar, especially for Buchanan fans.

  • 1960 Buchanan won 7-6
  • 1961 Buchanan won 12-6
  • 1962 6-6 tie
  • 1963 Buchanan won 26-0
  • 1964 Buchanan won 7-0
  • 1965 Buchanan won 14-0
  • 1966 Buchanan 13-6
  • 1967 7-7 tie
  • 1968 Niles 26-0
  • 1969 Niles 21-6

Al Brenner, one of the all-time Viking greats, would never know what it felt like to beat the Bucks losing all three years. It was not unusal for teams to key on the future Michigan State player…during his senior season on the opening kick-off coach Ed Weede had Brenner wear a different number jersey…it didn’t end in a score but it showed the importance of the rivalry.

1965 Al Brenner (N-letter sweater)

The 1965 Bucks team had quite a year…

Tomorrow night’s game will be on South Bend’s WHME-TV 46. Friday (9-2-22) at 4pm and Saturday (9-3-22) at 10:30am.