(10-27-22) Both Niles and Brandywine continued their 2022 football seasons by qualifying to play in the playoffs this weekend.

While Niles finished the season with four consecutive wins and Brandywine ended the season with four consecutive losses…they have both qualified for the Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA) football playoffs.

Niles playing in D 4 will take on Three Rivers, both teams are 5-4 on the season. Most likely the reward for the winner of the game will be facing Southwestern Michigan football power Edwardsburg 8-1. For the Vikings it has been 22 years since the last time they qualified for the playoffs (due to COVID everybody was in the 2020 playoffs).

Niles Head Coach Scot Shaw knows about Three Rivers football…he was their coach that took them to the 2003 state championship. The two played this regular season in which Niles lost to Three Rivers, 27-21 on September 16th.

Shaw told leaderpublications:

“I am excited to be back in, and I am pretty excited about our draw. I think all of the other three teams wanted to stay away from Edwardsburg first. The road out of here obviously goes through Edwardsburg.”

“We are playing well,” he said. “I am pleased with where we are at and that we didn’t fold in the middle of the season at 1-4. We could have pretty easily. We were playing okay up to that point with the exception of the Sturgis game. We even did some good things against Edwardsburg. But we kept shooting ourselves in the foot, turning the ball over and making silly mistakes. We have kind of all that stuff up. It is amazing how many points you can score when you keep ahold of the football.”

D 4


  • Paw Paw (4-5) 40.889 at Edwardsburg (8-1) 62.556
  • Niles (5-4) 43.333 at Three Rivers (5-4) 46.667

2022 Niles Results

Brandywine (4-5) will open the D 7 playoffs taking on Lawton (7-2). Brandywine is making its fifth straight playoff appearance, the two teams did not play each other this season.

First year Bobcat coach Justin Kinzie.told leaderpublications

“One nice thing about Michigan versus Indiana is that you have to earn your way into the playoffs. At least we know it is not like having the 64th-best team in the state versus the best team in the state. We at least know that we’re close enough to have a puncher’s chance while we are out there.”

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D 7


  • Niles Brandywine (4-5) 27.139 at Lawton (7-2) 40.236
  • Delton Kellogg (4-5) 31.944 at Schoolcraft (6-3) 36.192

2022 Brandywine Results

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