(11-18-22) As the US high school football seasonis quickly comeings to an end we have updated our list of schools with consecutive game winning streaks of 25 or more. This is the 14th week we have followed teams on their journey to continue those winning streaks.

This week we added the six teams, Pellham (New Hampshire), James Madison (Brooklyn, NY), Fall River (Calif), Quince Orchard (Gaithersburg, Md) , Caldwell (West Caldwell, NJ)and Bennington (Nebraska).

US HS Football Current Consecutive Game Wins After Week 14

Week 14

51-Westlake (Austin, Texas)
49-Andale (Kan.)
46-John Milledge Academy (Milledgeville, Ga.)
*36-D. W. Daniel (Central, SC)
^30-Mankato West (Minnesota)
^29-Marion Local (Maria Stein, Ohio)
+29- Pellham (New Hampshire)
^28-Indianapolis Lutheran
+28-James Madison (Brooklyn, NY)
+28-Fall River (McArthur, Calif)
+27-Quince Orchard (Gaithersburg, Md)
+26-Caldwell (West Caldwell, NJ)
+25-Bennington (Nebraska)

+-added to list 11-18-22
^-added to list 11-12-22
*-added to list 9-9-22

Since the start of the season 11 teams have seen their consecutive game win streaks ended.

Streak ended 11-3-22 at 58-Bixby (Okla.) loses to Jenks 38-35
Streak ended 10-28-22 at 36-Central Valley (Pa) loses to Aliquippa 35-24
Streak ended 10-7-22 at 34-Oakland (Murfreesboro, Tenn.) loses to Christ Presbyterian Academy 35-14
Streak ended 9-30-22 at 41-Catholic Central (Grand Rapids, Mich.) loses to South Christian 36-34
Streak ended 9-24-24 at 36-Royal (Royal City, Wash.) loses to Lynden Christian 21-14
Streak ended 9-23-22 at 35-West Side (Dayton, Idaho) loses to Bear Lake 28-27 OT
Streak ended 9-16-22 at *27-Beechwood (Ky) loses to Covington Catholic 31-14
Streak ended 9-9-22 at 52 games Riverheads (Staunton, Va.) loses to Lord Botetourt 35-21
Streak ended 9-9-22 at 31 games Chardon (Ohio) lost to Riverside 21-7
Streak ended 9-2-22 at 30 games Center Grove (Ind.) lost to Trinity (Ky) 29-28 – 2OT
Streak ended 8-26-22 at 30-Shiner (Texas) lost to Halletsville 14-7

  • – – –based on MaxPreps schedules for each team
  • – – –streaks are updated at the end of every week