Read the complete comments of Clear Rock Dave Carroll in the Mansfield News Journal

(11-17-22) It all started after an OHSAA HS football playoff win when Clear Fork picked up a 56-26 win over Upper Sandusky. Veteran Coach Dave Carroll, despite winning, was not happy with the performance of his team.

Carroll said –

“The kids went to the band and sang the fight song and mingled with the student section so I went into the locker room wishing to address them there because I was unhappy with how we played and I didn’t want to say something that didn’t need to be heard outside of the team,”

“I was in there putting equipment away while I waited and no one comes in. I was putting stuff away for 15-20 minutes and then did an interview for 10 minutes and no one was there when I got done. I wanted to talk to the kids but no one was there. Eventually, the coaches came in and then we went home.

I was told I abandoned the kids on the field after the game and there were people upset about that, and perhaps it was the wrong decision but I just wanted to address the team in the locker room. I guess that is all a part of this. I was yelling and going off during the game and that is a part of this, too.”

Why is this so shocking…Carroll was just named this week as the Northwest District D IV Coach of the Year.

For 14 seasons, with an overall record of 90-61, he has been the Clear Fork Head Coach…his alma mater. The Colts were 10-2 this season, won the Mid-Ohio Athletic Conference title and was named the MOAC Coach of the Year.

During his 39 year career he also coached at Pleasant, Edon, Danville, Sugarcreek Garaway and Urbana. Carroll won his 200th game in October of 2018 with a win over Ontario 54-14.

Carroll was disappointed that he had been fired and especially how he first heard about it-

‘”It is what is wrong with the world of sports today.The sad thing about it all is after 39 years of teaching and coaching and giving it all I had here at Clear Fork, I thought I would be given the respect to be told by our people, but I got a phone call by a friend of mine that doesn’t live here or have anything to do with the Clear Fork Valley that he heard from multiple sources that I am being fired. I was working on the banquet and our football records and had a great week and a half and I was floored.”

His last game as the Colts’ coach was on November 4th in the 2nd round of the playoffs losing to Elyria Catholic 42-14…it is to bad that would be the last time he would coach at Clear Fork.

Tonight on the Clear Fork Valley Local Schools Board of Education November meeting the board acted on the following –

Carroll was notified two days before this meeting that he was being non-renewed as football coach.