(12-19-22) In an email reply to SSN today…Blackhawk Christian AD Joe Cotton confirmed that the Braves will make the move to the 11-man football game in 2023.


We are currently scheduling 11-man football games for fall of 2023. Our goal is to have a more regional schedule by doing this. The 8-man football group was great to launch our program, but most of the teams in that current group are in Southern Indiana, which made travel a big challenge.

We are not currently aligned with a conference. Filling a full 9-game schedule for next year will be our main focus.

Speculation on social media recently has ‘presumed’ they would be joining the ACAC which presently has just 7 members, 8 members would save conference AD’s football scheduling issues. The ACAC members have the challenge of finding late non-conference opponents during the season…that can cause some headaches and lots of travel.

The ACAC consists of 7 public school systems, putting in question if they would want the Braves in all sports.

This past season Blackhawk Christian played the 8-man football game, winning the five team Indiana state title.