(12-28-22) A frozen water pipe burst caused severe damage to the gymnasium floor, known as the Stardome, at South Adams High School. The frozen pipe was located in a custodial area and burst sending water into the the gym on Christmas Day.

The water saturated the gym floor, and the floor is considered a “total loss.”

courtesy Jason Arnold

Work to completely remove the gym floor,started today and the school is working with its insurance company to establish a timeline to have a new floor installed.

An adjusted schedule has caused changes in scheduling, including practices for winter sports, the boys basketball games originally scheduled at South Adams for this Friday will now be played at Bellmont, the ACAC basketball tournament games will now be played at Bluffton on January 14th, South Adams home games will either be played in the South Adams Middle School gym or at the opponent’s gym

Other changes will see P.E. classes being moved to the middle school gym until the repairs are made.

Did you know….

Built in 1972, the Stardome is an octagonal structure that makes it distinct from other high school gymnasiums around the state. When first built, the Stardome had a seating capacity of nearly 4,000. Today’s capacity has expanded to 4,001.