(1-26-23) Every year after the McDonald’s All-American nominations are announced. we receive emails at SSN asking why their star player was not on the list of more then 700 players.

The reason…because their players were never nominated by officials at their schools.. This is the first and most important step in the process.

Those who are eligible to nominate always have plenty of time to complete the process that starts in September and are not due until the end of the year.


The following individuals are eligible to nominate players:

High School Principal 
High School Athletic Director 
High School Coach 
Member of the McDonald’s All American Games Selection Committee  

Nomination criteria include:

Athletic Achievement

Player’s accomplishments on the hardwood.

High school career: All evaluations and nominations are based on the individual player’s fundamental skill level and athleticism.

Player’s Accolades

Has played in 50% of their senior year season.

Scholastic Achievement

Attends and participates in a high school program that has ONE eligible varsity team and is a member of a high school athletic conference or league.

All nominees must be eligible to participate under the rules of the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) or other comparable organizations.

A nominee is eligible to be a McDonald’s All American if he or she is deemed eligible to participate under their high school and governing league policies.

Each nominee must be a high school senior.

Nominees cannot have their 19th birthday before September 1st of their senior year.

Nominees must be academically eligible to participate with their high school team based on their school and league requirements.

Nominees cannot hold a professional status as a basketball player or receive payment/inducements for participation in basketball games/events.

Nominees must live in The United States and attend a United States High School.


Players who have been convicted of a felony are not permitted.

Players who have been charged with a felony with a case pending are not permitted.

Players who have a history of “getting in trouble” with either the law (i.e. misdemeanor), at school, during extracurricular activities, and/or at home may be excluded pending feedback from their principal, athletic director, coach, league officials, and/or community leaders.

The Selection Committee will review on a case-by-case basis.

Each student-athlete who is nominated and in good academic standing will receive a certificate from McDonald’s acknowledging their nomination for the 2023 McDonald’s All American Games.

For Player Nominations/Selection Info, contact Terri Lynn Wootten with the Nomination & Selection Committee

EDITOR”S NOTE: Bookmark this page if you want to nominate a player in the future.