(2-24-23) Quincy (Massachusetts) Public Schools school administrators canceled the remainder of the boys basketball season after a locker room fight that left two student with minor injuries.

The decision to cancel the season came after an investigation into a fight after school on Monday, February 13th.. The fight was between two students, one junior and one senior. One player was still on the team and the other was a player who’d quit the team in January.

It is believed that the fight occurred because one of the boys in the fight made disparaging comments about the other boy’s girlfriend on social media

Team members knew that the fight would happen but did not report it to their coaches or the administration, which he sighted as a major reason for the season’s cancellation.

It most likely didn’t help but the Presidents (according to MaxPreps) finished the season 2-19.

A day after the fight and before it was known about about the locker room brawl, Qunicy played their last game of the season –