(2-24-23) A tweet yesterday by a Ft. Wayne (Indiana) private school got a huge response from twitterdom.

The tweet was by the Bishop Dwenger football team on a picture that included boxes like this –

  • Considering transferring?
  • Scholarships available

Replies came from both sides –

  • Who gives a damn about this. None of it matters. What matters is the ability to connect with a kid and build trust. And most importantly… what is best for the kid. BD is a great school with great staff and kids. Don’t tear them down. I am proud of their rich traditions.
  • Now Blitz is in the “everybody recruits” camp, but imagine if a public school tweeted this out.
  • Not hating… parochials have advantages because of their structure, that’s a known. But this is just playing by a different set of rules.

Over the past several years it seems high school athletics has its own transfer portal, those who get caught usually self-report the violations…those who don’t report move on…play on.

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This past week in Ohio, Toledo Central Catholic’s highly ranked girls basketball team was removed from tournament play due to multiple recruiting violations. They had already played two games, winning both. They were replaced by Napoleon, who they easily beat in the 2nd game, the Wildcats were awarded a 2-0 forfeit win and reinstated to the tournament.

The Wildcats easily beat Oak Harbor last night and now advance to the District Finals on Saturday.