(3-8-23) The 2022-23 Indiana girls high school basketball Junior All-Stars have been selected by the IBCA.

There is a core group of six players who will play against both the Kentucky Juniors (June 4) and the Indiana All-Stars (June 7):

Core Group

Harness, Poole and Spreen

  • Carroll (Flora)’s Alli Harness
  • Fort Wayne Snider’s Jordyn Poole
  • Bedford North Lawrence’s Chloe Spreen
  • Noblesville’s Reagan Wilson
  • Indian Creek’s Faith Wiseman
  • Jennings County’s Juliann Woodard.

Wilson, Jennings County and Wiseman

Red Group — 

Foster, Kelleher and Harris

Fishers’ Talia Harris, Mooresville’s Rachel Harshman, Westfield’s Ellie Kelleher and Mt. Vernon’s Ellery Minch, Lauren Foster, Indian Creek and Avery Kelley, Evansville Memorial— will play the Kentucky Juniors.

Blue Group

Tolen, Runner and Fuelling

Aniyah Bishop, Lake Central, Johnea Donahue, Fort Wayne Snider,Kennedy Fuelling, Norwell, ,Kyra Hill, Goshen, Camryn Runner, Hamilton Heights and Adrianne Tolen, West Lafayette

Indiana All-Star Schedule

Girls start time listed, boys to follow

  • June 4: Indiana Juniors vs. Kentucky Juniors at Jeffersonville HS
  • June 7: Junior-Senior All-Star game at TBA
  • June 9: Indiana vs. Kentucky in Owensboro, Ky.
  • June 10: Indiana vs. Kentucky at Gainbridge Fieldhouse


  Eighteen players have been selected for the IndyStar Indiana girls’ Junior All-Stars for 2023, All-Stars games director Mike Broughton announced Wednesday (March 8).

    Those selected to the six-player Core Group include Alli Harness of Carroll (Flora), 

Jordyn Poole of Fort Wayne Snider, Chloe Spreen of Bedford North Lawrence, Reagan Wilson of Noblesville, Faith Wiseman of Indian Creek and Juliann Woodard of Jennings County. 

    In addition to the core group, six players each were voted to squads labeled Red Group and Blue Group. 

    The Red Group players are Lauren Foster of Indian Creek, Talia Harris of Fishers, Rachel Harshman of Mooresville, Ellie Kelleher of Westfield, Avery Kelley of Evansville Memorial and Ellery Minch of Mt. Vernon (Fortville). 

    The Blue Group players are Aniyah Bishop of Lake Central, Joh’nea Donahue of Fort Wayne Snider, Kennedy Fuelling of Norwell, Kyra Hill of Goshen, Camryn Runner of Hamilton Heights and Adrianne Tolen of West Lafayette. 

    The coaches for the 2023 Indiana girls’ Junior All-Stars will be announced later.

    The Junior All-Stars will play one game against the Kentucky Junior All-Stars on Sunday, June 4 at Jeffersonville High School. The Junior All-Stars also will play one game against the Indiana All-Star senior girls on Wednesday, June 7 at a site to be announced. Both games will be doubleheaders with the 2023 Indiana boys Junior All-Stars, who will be chosen later.

    The players listed as Core Group players each will play in two games. The players listed in the Red and Blue groups each will play in one game, the Red Group on June 4 against the Kentucky Juniors and the Blue Group on June 7 against the Indiana Seniors. 

    The Indiana senior All-Stars will play the Kentucky senior All-Stars on June 9 at the Owensboro Sportscenter in Owensboro, Ky. The Indiana senior All-Stars will play Kentucky’s seniors again on June 10 at Gainbridge Fieldhouse in Indianapolis.

The June 10 date also will include the inaugural IndyStar Indiana All-Star “Futures Games.” The Futures Games will be a girls-boys doubleheader at Gainbridge Fieldhouse with Indiana-only squads of juniors, sophomores and freshmen in a North vs. South format. The girls’ Futures Games rosters were announced on Feb. 16. The boys’ Futures Games rosters will be announced later. 

    The 2023 Indiana girls’ Junior All-Star team was selected through a process that allows all IBCA-member head coaches to nominate players through the IBCA all-state process. The IBCA 20-member Indiana Basketball Coaches Association all-state committee reviewed and voted on players for the 2023 IBCA/Franciscan Health girls All-State teams that were released on Tuesday (Feb. 28).

The 20 all-state committee members also provided input to a six-person IBCA subcommittee appointed by IBCA executive director Marty Johnson and chaired by Brandon Bradley of Kankakee Valley. Bradley, Broughton plus coaches Katie Collignon of Marquette Catholic, Kaley May of Danville, Gretchen Miles of Washington and all-state committee chairman Doug Springer of Northridge finalized the selections for the 2023 girls’ Junior All-Stars.

    The Indiana Junior All-Star program was founded in 1996 by former Indiana All-Star games director Patrick Aikman. In most years, 18 players have been chosen to the Junior All-Stars. In five years (2005, 2006, 2007, 2018 and 2019), 24 players were chosen to the Junior All-Stars. In 2021, just 12 players were chosen to the Junior All-Stars.

    In games from 1996 through 2022 (with no games in 2020 because of COVID-19), the Indiana Senior girls lead the Indiana Junior girls 41-10 and the Indiana Senior boys lead the Indiana Junior boys 41-10. In five years of games against the Kentucky Juniors, the Indiana Junior girls lead 10-1 and the Indiana Junior boys lead 7-4. Games against the Kentucky Juniors previously have been played in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2018, 2019 and 2022.

    A list of those chosen as 2023 girls’ Junior All-Stars follows.

2023 IndyStar Indiana Girls Junior All-Stars

GIRLS CORE GROUP (playing on June 4 and June 7)

Name, Ht., Pos., PPG, High School, College Choice

Alli Harness, 5-8, G, 23.6, Carroll (Flora), undecided

Jordyn Poole, 5-6, G, 16.7, Fort Wayne Snider, undecided

Chloe Spreen, 5-9, G, 19.0, Bedford North Lawrence, undecided

Reagan Wilson, 5-7, G, 16.9, Noblesville, Iowa State

Faith Wiseman, 6-4, F, 16.1, Indian Creek, Indiana

Juliann Woodard, 6-0, F, 22.8, Jennings County, undecided

GIRLS RED GROUP (playing on June 4 vs. Kentucky Juniors)

Name, Ht., Pos., PPG, High School, College Choice

Lauren Foster, 5-7, G, 18.6, Indian Creek, undecided

Talia Harris, 5-8, G, 9.5, Fishers, undecided

Rachel Harshman, 6-0, F, 14.4, Mooresville, undecided

Ellie Kelleher, 5-9, G, 11.5, Westfield, undecided

Avery Kelley, 5-5, G, 15.4, Evansville Memorial, undecided

Ellery Minch, 6-2, F, 16.5, Mt. Vernon (Fortville), undecided

GIRLS BLUE GROUP (playing on June 7 vs. Indiana Seniors)

Name, Ht., Pos., PPG, High School, College Choice

Aniyah Bishop, 5-10, G/F, 9.4, Lake Central, undecided

Joh’nea Donahue, 5-8, G., 11.9, Fort Wayne Snider, Bowling Green

Kennedy Fuelling, 5-7, G, 21.8, Norwell, undecided

Kyra Hill, 6-2, F, 15.8, Goshen, undecided

Camryn Runner, 5-9, G, 18.9, Hamilton Heights, undecided

Adrianne Tolen, 5-10, G/F, 16.4, West Lafayette, undecided

            Head coach: TBA

            Assistant coach: TBA

* * *

2023 IndyStar Indiana All-Star key dates

                Sunday, June 4 — Indiana Juniors vs. Kentucky Juniors at Jeffersonville (2315 Allison Ln. Jeffersonville, IN 47130) — girls, 2:00 p.m.; boys, to follow; admission, $10 per person at the door (adults, school-aged students; pre-school children are free).

                Wednesday, June 7 — Junior-Senior All-Star game at TBA (address TBA) — girls, 6:00 p.m.; boys, to follow; admission, $10 per person at the door (adults, school-aged students; pre-school children are free).

                Friday, June 9 — Indiana at Owensboro Sportscenter (1215 Hickman Ave., Owensboro, KY 42301) — girls, 5:30 p.m. CDT (6:30 p.m. EDT); boys, to follow, about 7:30 p.m. CDT (8:30 p.m. EDT). Ticket information, TBA.

                Saturday, June 10 — Futures Games and Indiana vs. Kentucky at Gainbridge Fieldhouse (125 S. Pennsylvania St., Indianapolis, IN 46204) — Futures Games, girls, noon; boys, 2:00 p.m.; Senior girls, 5:00 p.m.; Senior boys, to follow (about 7:30 p.m.). Tickets go on sale on April 15.