(3-25-23) Ashley-Hudson Police on Friday night at approximately 6:30 P.M. were notified of a reported impaired driver travelling north on I-69. Officers responded and located a vehicle matching the description travelling north from the 340 mile marker. Officers followed the vehicle and observed it weaving within the lane multiple times as well as crossing the white fog line onto the rumble strips.

During the traffic stop officers developed probable cause to believe the driver, Lloy J Ball (51) of Angola, was operating while intoxicated. Ball consented to a chemical test with a result of .165 grams of alcohol per 210 L of breath. Ball was then charged with operating while intoxicated greater than .15 and operating while intoxicated endangerment.

Ball is the Angola Girls fVolleyball Head Coach and an 2008 Olympic Gold medalist.

Court records show Ball has been charged in the past with OWIs in 1993 and 2011.