(2-6-17) Today the OHSAA released enrollment figures for their member schools.

Below are listed the numbers for male and female students for the WBL and MAC.

In the WBL, Wapakoneta has the most boys and girls at 315 for each, O-G is the smallest school for boys with 177-which is a difference of 138 boys.  The smallest girls count is Bath with a 178-which is a difference of 137 girls.

In the MAC, Versailles has 158 boys, edging Coldwater who has a 154, while New Knoxville has just 49 boys-which is a difference of 109 boys. The smallest girls count is New Knoxville with 68, with Coldwater having 156-which is a difference of 88 girls.

OHSAA Member School Enrollment Process Explanation

The male and female enrollments of  member schools are used to determine OHSAA governance classifications (AAA, AA, A) and the OHSAA tournament divisions for each sport. The enrollment figures are based on the number of students in grades 9, 10 and 11 with athletic participation opportunities as of October 31, 2016. These numbers were provided by the Ohio Department of Education through their Education Management Information System (EMIS). After the enrollment numbers become final , the enrollment figures will be used to determine OHSAA tournament divisions for the 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 school years.

		Male	Female
WAPAKONETA 	315 	315
CELINA 		299 	289
DEFIANCE 	297 	273
ELIDA 		283 	264
SHAWNEE 	269 	277
ST MARYS  	242 	233
VAN WERT 	226 	193
KENTON 		211 	197
BATH 		178 	178

		Male	Female
VERSAILLES 	158 	153
COLDWATER 	154 	156
ST HENRY 	122 	107
MARION LOCAL 	106 	 79
PARKWAY 	103 	105
MINSTER 	 96 	109
NEW BREMEN 	 90 	 90
ST JOHN'S 	 87 	 68

*ANNA 	        157 	156

*-Anna plays only football in MAC



February 6, 2017 OHSAA Member School principals were sent via US Mail and email their school’s enrollment figures for review.  Schools that believe the ODE has miscalculated their enrollment can file an appeal with the OHSAA no later than Friday, February 24, 2017.  Appeal procedures were sent to all school principals.  Following the appeals, the OHSAA Board of Directors will approve the FINAL enrollment numbers which will be posted here. OHSAA tournament representation and division assignments will be calculated and presented to the Board of Directors for their approval in the coming months.  Click on the Tournament Divisions link above for more information and updates.