(5-6-17) After playing inside on the first day of the WBL Boys Tennis Championships on Thursday due to weather conditions, the finals moved over to UNOH and the outdoor courts for the final matches .

Shawnee swept to the title by winning all of the finals matches and championships to pick-up their 24th WBL title and (2017, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 09, 08) and eight of the last nine championships. The Indians with the combined total of regular season and the tournament results led runner-up Celina 60-40 and easily picked up win the and the championship.

1st Singles
Champion- Michael Rutter, Shawnee
2nd place- Drew Sarno, Elida
3rd place- Garrett Weinger, Celina
4th place- Kyle Goodin, Kenton

2nd Singles
Champion- Isaac Hanover, Shawnee
2nd place- Kenji Kobayashi, Kenton
3rd place – Heath Laux, Celina
4th place- Craig Recker, Ottawa-Glandorf

3rd Singles
Champion- Jackson Schaaf, Shawnee
2nd place- Ryan Keber, Van Wert
3rd place- Kevin Recker, Ottawa-Glandorf
4th place- Drew Rosengarten, Celina

1st Doubles
Champion- Max Jones / Danny Kesner, Shawnee
2nd place- Drew Kuhlman / Zach Balbugh, Ottawa-Glandorf
3rd place- Bryce Langenkamp / Kyle Lochtefeld, Celina
4th place- C.J. Vanderhorst / Howie Spencer, St. Marys

2nd Doubles
Champion- Harsha Battula / Mitchell Shirk, Shawnee
2nd place- Sohaib Saleem / Garrett Forlow, Celina
3rd place- Ben Schaub / Anthony Baughman, Ottawa-Glandorf
4th place- Riley Creps / Jacob Ramirez, Defiance

Shawnee’s Steve Jones was named the WBL Coach of the Year and Kenton’s Mason Bloom won the Sportsmanship Award.

2017 WBL Tennis FINAL Standings


Boys Tennis-Day 1 WBL Tournament Results