Rockford Our Lady of the Sacred Heart
courtesy – Rockford Our Lady of the Sacred Heart

(8-28-07)  Rockford, Illinois’ Our Lady of the Sacred Heart football team did not have a ‘Hoosier’ type ending to their first ever football game on Saturday.  The Guardians lost to Madison (their first football team in 29 years) 64-0 at Christian Life.

OLSHA has doubled its enrollment from 18 last year to 29 this school year, last season they Coop-ed with Warren of the NUIC.

It was a tough day-

  • 12 players dressed of the 14 members, only 11 played
  • Madison ran 11 offensive plays, two were kneel downs at the end of the game
  • Madison led 20-0 and never ran an offensive play, thanks to three bad punt tries
  • clock issues
  • a field lined for  8-man football

Head Coach John Guth responded to SSN his thoughts after the first game:

We are going to fight the good fight…

We are learning on the fly. We understand where we are at and the needle is pointing up on showing improvement. We are certainly aware of our disadvantages to compete, but we will continue to improve and certainly take advantage of the opportunities and challenges ahead.

My hats off to the entire OLSHA community that showed that a school of 29 students can pull off the impossible.

We are learning how to play football. Each week we compete we will get a little closer to being competitive.

With numerous schools around the US dropping 11-man football, football fans have to be rooting for the effort taking place.  It’s refreshing to see that the OLSHA is trying to provide their students just the opportunity to compete, while teaching ‘life values’ at the same time.

The Guardians will be on the road for a long road trip to play Midland (Coop) this week, who opened the season with a 35-0 loss to South Beloit in Northeastern Athletic Conference play.  For OLSHA it will be their first ever game in the NAC.

Rome wasn’t built in a day

Important work takes time. This expression functions as an injunction or plea for someone to be patient. For example, You can’t expect her to finish this project in the time allotted; Rome wasn’t built in a day. This phrase was a French proverb in the late 1100s but was not recorded in English until 1545.