Owner/Coach Lale Esquivel of the Texas Bombers (Star-Telegram Newspaper)

“We play to win the games, period.”

“People legitimately hate me because we win. People hate the Cowboys. People hate the Yankees. If we didn’t win, do you think people would hate us? Hell no. We’re everybody’s World Series.”

(7-3-17) The Texas Bombers is a 10-under baseball team that plays to win, that includes flying in kids from around the country to compete, some of the best you will find in the US. It’s taking youth sports down another road to elitism for athletes.

Six of the 20 players on Esquivel’s 10-and-under travel baseball team, the Major Bombers, don’t live at the home base in Texas (Dallas-Fort Worth area). There are presently three from California, one from Florida, one from New Jersey and one from Mexico.

Three of those players are major hits on social media, that also helped Esquivel to find three of his 10-year old ‘Super Stars’.

Joey Erace, from Mullica Hill, N.J., has 20,500 Instagram followers.

His father has already spent over $30,000 on his son’s baseball travels, plus pays $1,200 a month for four professional trainers to work with Joey five days a week.

Los Angeles’ Jordan Rodriguez’s batting compilation video from his home near Los Angeles went viral with 1.6 million Facebook views.

Compton, California’s Bryce Morrison’s baseball drills videos are a giant hit on Instagram. So far this season he has spent $6,000 on travel.

Presently the Bombers are second in the USSSA 10-under Major ratings, 2nd behind another a Texas team (Alamo Drillers).

RANK	City		Team			In-class record
1 TXS - San Antonio 	Alamo Drillers 	 	43-0   1.000 	
2 TXN - Southlake 	Texas Bombers Elite 	50-5 	.909 	
3 NV - Las Vegas 	LV Rebels 	2110 	23-4 	.852 	
4 IL - McHenry 		Pro Player Hurricanes 	22-3 	.880 	
5 GA - Marietta 	East Cobb Astros 	15-3 	.833 	
6 CAS - West Covina 	SGV Hustle 		33-7 	.825 	
7 CAS - Chino Hills 	Chino Hills Thunder 	26-8 	.765 	
8 IN - Westfield 	Indiana Bulls 10u-white  5-2 	.714 	
9 TXN - Heath 		Dallas Tigers - Bazzell 21-7 	.750 	
10TXS - Austin 		Austin Horns-DeSantiago 15-5 	.750