50-50 ticket
thanks to Coldwater Booster Club

UPDATED 9-8-17 – This year’s 50-50 winner gets $13,254!!!  WOW!!!!


(9-6-17) – When was the last time you bought a 50-50 ticket at a high school sporting event?  Most every school in Northwest Ohio has a drawing for athletic events, usually sponsored by the local booster club. The winnings vary from school-to-school and varies on the size of the crowd at the event.

Cavs-Flyers Map

This Friday Marion Local travels to play Coldwater in a BIG Midwest Athletic Conference football game.  Both schools are known for their football, last year the Flyers won another Ohio state title, while the Cavs lost in their championship game. The MAC is easily one of the nation’s top small school football conferences.

WOSN You Tube Video

This year’s game will be no different, it’s a key game in several ways.  Both are now in the same Division and in the same region, last year they were in different divisions, computer points are needed to qualify for a chance to return to the state finals. However; if both teams had a game they wanted to win, even if it was the only one they win that year, this is the game they want.

Coldwater and Marion Local are both located in Mercer County, Ohio near the Indiana stateline. It’s a short drive from Maria Stein to Coldwater for the Flyers to travel to for Friday night’s game.  Last season, Coldwater came back after trailing to hand Marion Local their only loss last season, the Flyers still remember that loss.

Mercer County is one of the top agricultural counties in Ohio, the entire county has a little over 40,000 residents, with the county seat, Celina having around 10,000 of those residents. So this is a great example of small-town America at its very best.

So what do you think the winner of the 50-50 drawing will get at the BIG game on Friday night?

Well sit down…in 2015 the winner took home $11,437….you still sitting down, in 2016 the winner took home $14,700. The home team booster club gets the other half.  WOW, double WOW.

Coldwater Athletic Director Eric Goodwin

I know they (Booster Club) have been setting up strips for the past few weeks. As far as how many, I would have no idea. I’m assuming it will be in 5 figures for money.

Amy Mescher from the Coldwater Booster Club

We prepare many bags of 100 strands of 50/50 tickets.  We prefer to have a minimal wait time in the line if at all possible.  We try to prepare as best as we can, but understand that it may not be enough preparation.

Any amount of money is a tremendous benefit to our sports’ programs.  It’s great to see the communities supporting their local schools.

In the past, money has helped with our newly renovated football stadium and CPAC facility.  As well as, sports equipment, uniforms, team meals, etc… requested by all of Coldwater’s athletic departments.

Both schools are D VI schools, Ohio has seven divisions.  WOW again! The crowd for the game has had an estimated attendance of over 7,000…WOW again.