Parkway's Andrew Rice
Parkway’s Justin Rice – courtesy Pat Agler

(9-13-17) Former Celina Football Coach Jared Rolfes, who is now coaching at Page High School in Greensboro, NC  told after last Friday night’s game talked about his kicker/punter and his importance in the come from behind win:

“People fail to remember that when you have a kicker who can put you in position to be successful, that’s huge. Tonight we won because he gave us those three points and because he flipped the field.”

The same holds true in Mercer County football.  Finding a reliable, kicker and punter make coaching special teams a little easier.

Coldwater’s veteran Head Coach Chip Otten sees the value of his kicking program:

Over the years here at CW we have excellent Kickers. The benefit of our kicking game especially on Kickoffs has been a huge advantage over the years. When you can make a team go 80 yards after a TD or on an opening drive you put your team in a great position to score. FG’s are a bonus but again that has been an advantage for us over the years. we have won many a game by a FG or Xtra point. 2012 10-9 State finals- FG the difference. 2015/16 17-14 vs Marion. both years a 43 yd FG.


2017 Mercer Co KICKERS - Sept 13

St. Henry’s Ryan Luttmer and Celina’s Kole Murlin do everything but drive the team bus to away games (and they might even do that). Luttmer and Murlin have both kicked a field goal this season and both have scored in double figures thanks to their kicking game.

The two seniors also punt, plus they are two of the top rushers in the county. These two are some of  the ‘iron men’ of high school football.

Celina Head Coach Brennen Bader:

Senior captain, Kole Murlin is arguably our best football player. He has played both ways for the better part of the last 3 seasons, and he rarely comes off of the gridiron. Kole also assumes the punting and kicking responsibilities, and has proven to be extremely effective for the Celina Bulldogs. It is one thing to kick the ball when your rested, waiting and practicing on the sideline until your number is called. It is another thing when you run a 75 yard touchdown to the house and then have to follow that up less than a minute later with a crucial extra point to give your team the tie or lead. Follow that up by going back onto the field to kickoff to the opponent. Kole makes this look so easy, and has for a long time. I think people, even teammates and coaches take this for grant it. Kole Murllin has the most difficult and intense pressure duty on Friday nights, and he has continually excelled at this while being totally exhausted from playing virtually every position on the field. We certainly appreciate our football kicker, Kole Murlin.

Celina's Kole Murlin - courtesy Jagged Edge Photography - Jeff Dale
Celina’s Kole Murlin – courtesy Jagged Edge Photography – Jeff Dale

Mercer County PUNTERS – September 13, 2017

2017 Mercer Co PUNTERS - Sept 13

All of the above stats are from the first three games of the season, SSN will make this a regular part of our football season coverage.  Thanks to a SSN visitor for the suggestion to follow the KICKERS and the PUNTERS.