You Tube Video – Dance 4 Your Life

Directed & choreographed by Mrs. Traci Young-Bryon, the GGs performs at their 3rd game strutting in Kitana inspired costumes !

(9-29-17) Folks thought Hurricane Irma caused ans uproar, while now there is a new storm brewing in Miami and it’s not a hurricane.

Traci Young-Bryon, who is the Director  and choreographer of the Golden Girls dance team from Miami Northwestern High School,  stirred up some negative reactions to the outfits and dances that the girls performed during halftime at a recent football game.

Young-Bryon’s thoughts on a recent Instagram post about the outrage of some who are criticizing her and the girls-

My mood when judgemental black people try to come for my creativity 😂😂 I said black people cause it’s always us! When we see the same costumes on Hispanic or Caucasian dancers, we say nothing and accept it. Some of y’all are too funny! As long as their parents and I are spending our money, your negative opinions won’t stop nothing! And for those who claim to not let your daughters dance for me…STOP LYING! You’d both jump at the 1st chance you’d get. TO ALL THE POSITIVE SUPPORTERS…THANK YOU!!!! I will continue to slay lives and trailblaze!!! #MNWGgirls #MiamiNorthwesternSeniorHigh #MMB #DesignedByGodTouchedBySupa #SupaBlackGirl

Lots of comments have been made on Facebook from readers (5.5 million followers) concerning the outfits and dances.

The school & officials need to be disciplined & the cheer coach fired, the parents need to be ashamed , mad for letting their young ladies being pranced around like xxxxxx wit xxxxx for sale! Ain’t xxxx cute about it!

I don’t blame children for making bad decisions but I’m definitely side eyeing their parents and the coach. We can’t approve of our young children walking around with lingerie stockings and garter belts and still expect them to carry themselves as young respectable ladies… It’s not going to happen. I’m more disappointed with the adults that played a part in this more than anything.

If it wasn’t for the belt and stockings, I don’t think anybody would have an issue with it, and they would have less clothes on than they did. Yes, it’s a little provocative but it’s mostly much to do about nothing. Nevertheless, I would recommend to their coach to do without the belt and stockings. Then again, I’ve seen high school musicals with more provocative costumes and that was 30 years ago.

First off these are highschool kids non little kids… secondly this is a dance squad and the always dress as such nothing new…all dancers dress like this… why must we sexualize everything… we live in a new age and generation…. why must we call our youth little hoes and whores because of a dance costume… the comments are sick and disgraceful…

Taking a backseat to the controversy is that this week Miami Northwestern’s football team,  who is ranked in the SSN National Public HS Football Top 10 Rankings and has not lost this year, takes on another national high school power Miami Central. While many around the country wonder if their team will be kneeling during the National Anthem, in Miami all eyes will be on the Golden Girls.