OHSAA Extended Baseball Vote

(10-11-17) At the September 21st, 2017 OHSAA Board of Directors Meeting, a vote to extend the baseball season was voted down 7-2 (78%).

According to the minutes Kevin Katafias (Principal, Genoa Middle School) made the motion and it was seconded by Joe Roberts (Athletics and Activities Director, Lexington High School).

The minutes do not tell how the members voted as individuals on the proposal, but the outcome of the vote might show that the principals in Ohio had a lot to do with the defeat of extending the baseball season.

Jerry Snodgraas, OHSAA Director of Sport Management, released a result of the survey that was conducted to give the BOD how the membership felt about the issue.

  • Baseball Coaches 74% in favor
  • Superintendents 58% in favor
  • Athletic Administrators 56% in favor
  • Principals 56% opposed to the proposal

No details were given in the minutes on who comprised the survey group, but the results shared are quite  interesting, three of the four  groups were in favor of extending the season and just one was against it.

The #1 group that wanted to see the change was 74% of the baseball coaches surveyed, indicating that a majority of them want to see a change that effects their local programs.

After the vote OHSAA Executive Director Dr. Daniel Ross told an regional group member meetings of school adminstrators:

“We’re not sure if the (coaches association) will come back with a revised proposal or not,. The board felt there were a lot of issues with extending the season two weeks.”

Defiance Hall of Fame Coach Tom Held tweeted his disappointment on the vote:


Does the future in the OHSAA include extending the high school baseball season, time will tell.