Chip Otten

(11-2-17) Current Coldwater Football Coach Chip Otten talks about his time at Middletown and the current situation that is facing the Middies football program. The situation, Middies Coach Lance Engelka resigned this weekend after he said that he (family and assistant coaches) had been receiving death threats and other concerns for his safety and his family.

Coldwater Head Coach Chip Otten:

I was a coach in Middletown for 14 years both as an assistant and a head coach for the last 6 years . Fortunately was part of some really good teams (9 of the 14 were winning seasons) and a few not so good seasons. I gained a great amount of valuable experience being in Middletown.

I believe Channel 5 out of Cincinnati reported a couple nights ago that I also had received death threats aimed at me. To make it clear I never had any death threats and for the most part had a positive relationship with almost of the players and parents. There were definitely some parental calls, parental situations and player issues at times and some community flack about not winning but myself or family never felt my safety was in jeopardy.

In saying that I feel for Coach Engleka and what he has experienced at Middletown. No excuse for anyone to threaten someone over winning or losing in sports. In my 34 years of coaching and all the coaches that I’ve worked with I have not experienced a situation where a players best interest wasn’t taken into account despite wins and losses. Yes, we as coaches get frustrated at times and maybe don’t handle a situation the greatest but in the end we are trying to teach and coach athletes to be good teammates, students and help them grow up and mature as young adults.

Otten’s Cavs are one of the most successful high school football programs in Ohio and he is also one of the most respected coaches as well, for both his wins and as a person.

Below is the resignation letter from Coach Engelka:

Middletown Coaches Resignation Letter