(12-14-17) Ohio has another Ohio HS Athletic Conference that is ‘blowing up’. This break-up seems to be one that is fast becoming a trend, a group of schools join together and form a new conference behind closed doors and leave a few stragglers behind to fend for themselves.

The Patriot Athletic Conference administrators met last night, that is when seven Lorain County schools:

  • Brookside
  • Clearview
  • Columbia
  • Firelands
  • Keystone
  • Oberlin
  • Wellington
  • Black River

Brooklyn AD Ryan Kelber told The Chronicle

“I’m still in shock a little bit.”

“It’s disappointing. I really thought we had a stable conference.”

That leaves four school left with conference home in 2020:

  • Brooklyn
  • Buckeye
  • Fairview
  • Lutheran West

The PAC was formed in 2005.


Details about the new league have not been announced pending final approval by the boards of education and principals of the schools forming the new league.