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OHSAA’s  Statement From Tim Stried –

“The OHSAA is disappointed in the outcome of the court’s decision today, but will not pursue an appeal. Despite the court’s decision to allow Dunbar High School back into the tournament, it is clear that violations of OHSAA regulations took place and in the aftermath of the incident there was a lack of administrative responsibility from the highest levels of Dayton Public Schools.”

Acting Superintendent Elizabeth Lolli tells WDTN:

“I’m grateful that we were able to pull together the information for everyone to prove that Dunbar was not playing an ineligible player. We did handle the discipline appropriately for the J-V students that actually threw punches and we’ll continue to work on this issue and other situations that we face.”

UPDATED: 3-6-18 –   6:08 PM

The details soon to follow—-Judge rules in Dunbar’s favor –

DPS attorney Brian Wildermuth attacked the OHSAA on their judgement ousting Dunbar from the boys state basketball tournament during closing arguments in today’s hearing, calling is shoddy.

“we know what’s going on here, the OHSAA has it out for DPS because of a football game a year ago.”

The ouster of players in a JV game was the focus of the hearing today and how it was handled by both schools to see how players were dealt with after the incident and  who was suspended and not suspended and why. The ouster from the tournament according to the OHSAA was for use of an ineligible player, one of the above players that supposedly participated in the JV game incident.

This above incident happened after Dunbar was already on probation from a football incident that happened last season (see story below).

Those who have testified today –

  • Dunbar Coach Chuck Taylor
  • OHSAA Executive Dr. Dan Ross
  • Quinoa Boffman – Dunbar Athletic Director
  • Jerry Snodgrass – OHSAA Director of Sport Management
  • Ben Feree – OHSAA Assistant Director of Officiating in Sports Management
  • Donovan Brown – Dunbar Boys JV Coach
  • JV Official day of the game
  • Richard Wright – Executive Director of Safety and Security for DPS
Ben Ferree
Ben Ferree

Assistant Director of Officiating/Sport Management
Football, Wrestling Administrative Support; Athlete/Coach Ejections; Officials – Adult Education Classes, Registrations, Renewals, Records, Regulations

Caroline Reinwald

Read indepth tweets from WHIO’s  Caroline Reinwald  and Dayton Daily News Jeremy Kelley from today’s court hearing


UPDATED: 3-6-18 – 7:15 AM

Attorneys for the Dayton’s Public School’s board and the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) will be in the Montgomery County Common Pleas Court today, to request a temporary restraining order/preliminary injunction.  The board wants Dunbar’s boys basketball team to be reinstated back into the tournament to play Middletown Fenwick tomorrow night at UD Arena.

The lawsuit stopped the Fenwick match-up with replacement Thurgood Marshall for the Sectional Championship on Sunday. Marshall is also a Dayton Public School.

The hearing is scheduled for 8:30 a.m

dunbar d II bracket

(2-28-18) The Ohio High School Athletic Association has made a change in the Dayton D II District boys basketball brackets. The bracket now shows Thurgood Marshall (9-13) getting a 2-0 forfeit win over Dunbar.  Marshall will now face Bishop Fenwick (17-6) Sunday in a D II Sectional Final.


The OHSAA has not made an official statement on the situation at this time, the change erases Dunbar’s win over Marshall 66-54 in a D-II sectional semifinal played at Fairmont on Monday.

The Wolverines have now been kicked out of the play-offs in both football and basketball in the past two seasons for violations while serving a 3-year probation period.

In April of 2017 the following sanctions were handed out by the OHSAA:


  • $10,000 fine issued to the Dayton Public School District
  • three years probation for all Dayton Public School
  • public reprimand
  • the requirement that DPS athletic administrators attend required meetings with the OHSAA compliance staff.
  • if further violations of the same nature occur while the district is on probation, the membership status of all member Dayton Public Schools could be pulled.
  • If there are no further violations by the Dayton Public School District, one year of probation will be rescinded and $2,500 of the fine shall be refunded.

If the change is due to an ineligible player violation it will be the second time since Dunbar has been put on probation.

Update- OHSAA release

OHSAA Dunbar