(3-6-18) Have you tried the  “JT BIG CAT” sheet pizza at the Rockford Carry Out yet?

Former Parkway, Ohio U and Detroit Lions star Jordan Thompson and RCO want to help out the local youth  sports programs in Rockford sponsored by the Rockford Recreation Board. The naming makes sense since Thompson’s career he played for the Panthers, Bobcats and Lions.

RCO has decided to donate $1 from every “JT BIG CAT” pizza sold – plus match each dollar, for a total of $2 per pizza.

The above pizza box displayed above was made by madeLeah Thompson as  a prototype box for the product introduction. You will however get a box that size when you order the JT BIG CAT, but without the artwork.

Details and pricing  will be announced later this week and the will be on sale during the upcoming weekend.