Jack Clouse

(7-21-18) The next time you are in Celina around 6 or 7 am take some time and stop by the Orchard Tree Family Restaurant for a cup of coffee. There is a good chance you will find a table full of ‘old guys’ enjoying the conversation of the day.

The group has been doing this morning ritual for a very long time….Brian, Stan, Snuffy and on a good day you might see Sam and Dick (Alert: be aware of the Waitress Tina, she keeps the group in line).  But one of the members of the group is former Celina coach Jack Clouse. Right now Jack is fighting a battle with cancer, but for those who know him, he still has that quick wit and dry humor which makes him one of a kind (they only made one Clouse).

Jack has the distinction of being the only Bulldog coach to bring home a state title with the 1991 Celina girls basketball team.

After a major upset of nationally ranked Pickerington that year in the regional final to move on to the final four, Jack was asked about their well-known coach at the time, Dave Butcher. To no ones surprise Jack said:

‘He has a good looking wife’

…that is just Jack.

Recently on Facebook a former student, Mike Wessel (MMA Fighter known as the Juggernaut), talked about a visit with his former coach.

Mike Wessel.jpg

…that is just Jack.

So the next time you feel like an early morning coffee (Jack’s 2nd favorite beverage) stop by the Orchard Tree on Grand Lake Road and enjoy some time with Jack and the boys.

…that is just Jack.

You can also drop Jack a line at 906 Holly Street (ask him if he wished he had a three car garage and whatever happened to Glo’s pet finch Kiki), that should guarantee you a ‘Jack’ response.

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