(9-13-18) Another state athletic association jumps into ‘time to change the transfer rules‘, it comes as a surprise to many…its California.

Commissioner Rob Wigal, recently asked his member schools in the CIF-Southern Section to answer several questions in a survey about the transfer issue. 540 of 570 member schools replied (95%).

Of those 540 schools who answered the survey 71.5% said ‘yes‘ current transfer rules need to be changed.

The transfer issue is nothing new to high school athletics, but for a state like California to hop into the fray is quite interesting. The other side of this issue is the public vs. private school problems facing many states, with claims of recruiting which end in transfers of top athletes being a key part of the problem.

Every state that is facing the problem has tried many different ways to try and solve it and some have even entered the court system with the association facing off with member schools and sometime state legislators. With so many states facing theses issues is there a solution? To this point in time State Associations have not worked together to formulate a plan to help find something that will be acceptable to everyone.  This is an issue the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) has decided to wash their hands of any involvement, that is really to bad, this is one association where all the State Associations are members and work together on many different issues that arise in high school athletics and all have common ground.


Is the problem a national problem…Yep. Just take a look.