(12-6-18) – Illinois High School Association (IHSA) member schools are in the process on voting for a possible change in football that would impact the state, if passed, for many years to come in the future.

Proposal 23 would end conference play and incorporate district play starting in 2021, 8 schools would be assigned to each district and 7 district games would be played, the 1st two weeks of the season would allow schools to schedule teams they prefer.

Former DeKalb AD and now the AD at Normal Community Nic Kearfott, in the same Pantagraph story, is in favor of the plan.

“Conferences are breaking up, separating … dominoes keep falling year after year due basically to this.  Everybody is looking for the five or six wins.”

Kearfoot speaks from his past experience at DeKalb, the Barbs recently landed in the DuPage Valley Conference after the conference they were in blew-up and were turned down by several other conferences before the DVC.

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Not everybody feels the same way as Kearfott .

Bloomington Central Catholic athletic director Hud Venerable told the Pnatagraph:

“We don’t have to worry about scheduling non-conference games,. It makes it nice. We like where we’re headed with our conference.”

The school is a member of the 10-team Illini Prairie Conference, which has no scheduling issues with all 9 games being conference games.

The last day to vote for member schools is on December 17th (including other proposals), with the finalresults being released on December 18th.

There are many different factors (public vs private, travel, losing conference rival games, etc) of why a school might be for or against the proposal, but the deciding factor could be the voting process.

SSN asked IHSA Assistant Executive Director Matt Troha about the voting process on proposals, including Chicago Public Schools:

All IHSA member schools have opportunity to vote on each proposal, regardless of if they currently have the sport or not.

They do have a “no opinion” vote as an option.

This will allow all of the CPS schools to have an impact in how the vote goes, even though many of them do not compete in the year-end playoffs. At the request of the Chicago Public League, only the teams in the eight “Illini” divisions are eligible for the IHSA playoffs.

Also this will allow all girls schools, schools who are playing eight man football and each individual school of a coop team the opportunity to share an opinion.

So does it matter who votes?

IHSA assistant executive director Sam Knox told the Pantagraph:

“It’s going to be a close vote.”