(5-7-19) North Montgomery (Indiana) High School Head Boys Basketball Coach Andrew Evertts posted his reasons for suddenly stepping down from that position and teaching.

Andrew Evertts

 Evertts Letter posted on Twitter



It is a tough road in the education field, especially for a young teacher and head coach who spends many countless hours to develop a program. Time away from the family makes being be a dad and husband very difficult.  Over the years we see coaches burning out and leaving it behind to move on..these days it happens a lot more.

Evertts was a head basketball coach at Medora (Indiana), he took that program over one year after the real-life documentary movie came out about the struggles for the small depressed Indiana town high school basketball team. He would then move north to Gas City and take over the Mississinewa program before moving to North Montgomery last year. Evertts overall career coaching record is 67-95 in seven seasons.

It is a shame that Evertts, who is a hard working and dedicated young coach, seems to have been beaten down and has lost his desire to continue…it is a big loss for high school sports, he is a good man. But he is just one of the many coaches and athletic directors today who are giving up coaching opportunities due to the circumstances that he mentions in his tweet, long hours and low pay.