(10-28-18) The Gibsonburg Golden Bears will end the regular season in hopes of a 10-0 perfect season when they play Hopewell-Loudon on Friday night. It might also be their last game of the 2019 season, because of the OHSAA shifting of schools in D VI Regions they could miss the playoffs. The change from region 22 to the new 23 is one of the toughest in the state.

Week 9 Joe Eitel OHSAA Computer Rankings

wk 9 region 22

If Gibsonburg would have remained in Region 22 this season (see above) they would have clinched a guaranteed playoff spot.  In week 9 they would have been ranked #5, this week in Region 23 they are ranked #10…two spots out of the playoffs and little hope of moving on.

Look at some of the schools who would be under Gibsonburg this week in Region 22, Black River is 5-4, Hillsdale is 6-3, Norwayne is 4-5 and Carey 4-5. While #9 Wellington is 5-4 and Centerburg is 6-3.

D22 -2018.jpg

Last season Gibsonburg was 9-1 and qualified for the playoffs ranked #2, you might notice also that Columbus Grove (who qualified at 4) and Fairview (qualified at #7) were in Region 22 last season.

Columbus Grove has been mathematically eliminated already in Region 23 with a 6-3 record and Fairview at 8-1 needs a win to be sure they qualify this week. Both would have qualified in Region 22 this season.

Wk 9 - D VI _ Region 23

Are the best 32 teams in the state according to the OHSAA Computer rankings going to be competing  for the D VI Championship in Canton? The answer is no, but what you get will be the top 8 teams from each region.

Below is from Joe Eitel’s Week 9 Rankings, listed are the top 32 teams with all D VI regions combined.

wk 9 top 32 D VI.jpg

Five schools listed above are currently out of the Top 8 in their region and will miss the the playoffs.  If the Top 32 would be selected…Gibsonburg would be included in the playoffs. Something to consider for the future. If you asked those five schools if they would be willing to travel to play in round one…I’m sure they would.