(2-2-20) Celina wrestling picked up a championship trophy on Saturday winning the Carlisle Pool Tournament scoring  259 points just ahead of Carlisle who had a 193.5 points and Ross who had 193 points.

The Bulldogs picked up two individual titles, Brycen Miracle won at 113 lbs and Landen Engle at 120 lbs.

Celina Final Results

  • 106- Landin Wallace loses by pin 3:40 to finish in 2nd
  • 113- Brycen Miracle wins by pin 1:52 to finish as Champion
  • 120- Landon Engle wins by decision 10-6 to finish as Champion
  • 132- Nathan Wilson wins by decision 9-5 to finish 3rd
  • 138- Kyler Bowlby loses by pin 3:45 to finish in 2nd
  • 138- Billy Roberts loses by pin 2:25 to finish in 4th
  • 152- Ethan Ly loses by pin 1:42 to finish 4th
  • 160- Timmy Novitzke loses by dec 4-1 to finish 4th
  • 170- Brayden Mullins wins by pin 2:18 to finish 3rd
  • 195- Cory Fortkamp loses by 12-5 dec to finish 2nd
  • 285- Cayden Thomson loses by pin :48 to finish 4th
Celina - Carlisle

Carlisle Pool Tournament Scores

1. Celina 259.0; 2. Carlisle 193.5; 3. Ross 193.0; 4. Bloom-Carroll 148.0; 5. Preble Shawnee 130.0; 6. Vinton County 124.5; 7. Madison 107.0; 8. Dixie Heights 105.5; 9. Waynesville 56.0; 10. Brookville 48.0; 11. Fenwick 39.5; 12. Hillcrest 24.0; 13. Stivers 23.0;

Seventh Round
106: Kyler Walsh (Carlisle) pin Landin Wallace (Celina) 3:40; Dominic Keefe (Bloom-Carroll) dec. Ethan Evans (Fenwick) 2-0; Andrew Hines*CEL (X2) pin Jordan Miller (Ross) 3:13;
113: Brycen Miracle (Celina) pin Gabe Miller (Fenwick) 1:52; Trevor Miller (Dixie Heights) dec. Matthew Grubb (Preble Shawnee) 7-0; Phillip Stevens (Waynesville) pin Bradley Roy (Carlisle) 0:26;
120: Landon Engle (Celina) dec. Skylar Hamric (Vinton County) 10-6; Bryce Brown (Carlisle) pin Nolan Kattine (Dixie Heights) 2:02; Ben Rye (Ross) pin Casey Schatzle (Preble Shawnee) 2:55;
126: Tyler Bruns (Ross) maj. dec. Blake Mock (Vinton County) md15-5; Bryce Ruff (Bloom-Carroll) pin Zack King (Celina) 3:59;
132: Ben Breaker (Ross) pin Brayden Doran (Preble Shawnee) 2:32; Nathan Wilson (Celina) dec. Luke Roberts (Bloom-Carroll) 9-5; James Balcom (Brookville) pin Conner Bullerman (Stivers) 3:32;
138: Justin Ritchie (Carlisle) pin Kyler Bowlby (Celina) 2:45; Kaden Lameier (Dixie Heights) pin Billy Roberts*CEL (X2) 1:43; Donovan Artis*CAR (X4) dec. Joseph Cockerham (Waynesville) 11-9;
145: Anthony Kopp (Dixie Heights) dec. Shannon Mcinnis (Vinton County) 10-5; Levi Morgan (Waynesville) pin Nick Dildine (Bloom-Carroll) 4:13; Blayne O’Laughlin (Preble Shawnee) pin Gavin Brown (Celina) 2:27;
152: Sean Beltran (Ross) dec. Kole Wickline (Bloom-Carroll) 2-0; Evan Willet*BCA (X1) pin Ethan Ly (Celina) 0:36; Kolby Millard (Carlisle) Default Cody Pfaller (Dixie Heights) Default;
160: Collin Willet (Bloom-Carroll) pin Kaden Langdon (Carlisle) 5:31; Ryan Iams (Ross) dec. Tim Novitzke (Celina) 4-1; Myron Hollingsworth (Stivers) pin Luca Miraldi (Dixie Heights) 4:10;
170: Devin Oligee (Madison) pin Ray Beneker (Ross) 1:25; Brayden Mullins (Celina) pin Hayden Hughes (Waynesville) 2:18; Kale Kraner (Bloom-Carroll) pin William Webb (Brookville) 1:39;
182: Rece Rutledge (Celina) pin Braiden Howard*CEL (X1) 4:31; Mehki Bouldin (Ross) forfeit Nate Walther (Dixie Heights) Forfeit; Bryce Mcknight (Carlisle) pin Triston Engle (Preble Shawnee) 4:30;
195: Quincy Brown (Madison) dec. Cory Fortkamp (Celina) 12-5; Aiden Heimer (Brookville) forfeit Zane Adams (Preble Shawnee) Forfeit;
220: Jonathon Vanover (Vinton County) pin Preston Brown (Madison) 1:34; Fanci Maiben (Hillcrest) pin DaMario Pendleton*MAD (X1) 0:16; Noah Rutherford (Carlisle) pin Ryan Harvey (Bloom-Carroll) 3:59;
285: Ty Stevenson (Preble Shawnee) pin Timmy McMannis (Vinton County) 0:34; Joey Kendrick (Madison) pin Cayden Thomson (Celina) 0:48; Logan Marburger (Brookville) pin Jordan Blevins*MAD (X1) 0:40;

Sixth Round
106: Landin Wallace (Celina) pin Dominic Keefe (Bloom-Carroll) 1:35; Kyler Walsh (Carlisle) pin Ethan Evans (Fenwick) 1:40; Jordan Miller (Ross) pin Jacob McEldowney*ROS (X1) 0:45; Andrew Hines*CEL (X2) Bye Bye Bye;
113: Gabe Miller (Fenwick) maj. dec. Trevor Miller (Dixie Heights) md12-4; Brycen Miracle (Celina) pin Matthew Grubb (Preble Shawnee) 1:00; Bradley Roy (Carlisle) Bye Bye Bye; Phillip Stevens (Waynesville) pin Brycen Dull (Brookville) 1:22;
120: Skylar Hamric (Vinton County) pin Bryce Brown (Carlisle) 0:38; Landon Engle (Celina) pin Nolan Kattine (Dixie Heights) 0:22; Casey Schatzle (Preble Shawnee) pin Ian Johnson (Bloom-Carroll) 0:34; Ben Rye (Ross) pin Connor Linz*ROS (X1) 2:00;
126: Zack King (Celina) pin Blake Mock (Vinton County) 0:25;
132: Ben Breaker (Ross) pin Luke Roberts (Bloom-Carroll) 3:06; Brayden Doran (Preble Shawnee) pin Nathan Wilson (Celina) 3:26; Conner Bullerman (Stivers) pin Patrick Butler (Dixie Heights) 1:59; James Balcom (Brookville) pin Elisha Roberts (Hillcrest) 2:44;
138: Justin Ritchie (Carlisle) pin Billy Roberts*CEL (X2) 2:29; Kyler Bowlby (Celina) pin Kaden Lameier (Dixie Heights) 4:28; Donovan Artis*CAR (X4) pin John McKnight (Preble Shawnee) 0:25; Joseph Cockerham (Waynesville) pin Bradley Leeke*DHE (X3) 1:16;
145: Anthony Kopp (Dixie Heights) pin Gavin Brown (Celina) 4:26; Nick Dildine (Bloom-Carroll) pin Samson Andersen (Carlisle) 1:43; Shannon Mcinnis (Vinton County) dec. Levi Morgan (Waynesville) 12-5; Blayne O’Laughlin (Preble Shawnee) pin Trent Saylor*CAR (X1) 0:13;
152: Sean Beltran (Ross) maj. dec. Ethan Ly (Celina) md14-0; Kole Wickline (Bloom-Carroll) forfeit Evan Willet*BCA (X1) Forfeit; Cody Pfaller (Dixie Heights) pin Zach Radabaugh (Vinton County) 1:20; Kolby Millard (Carlisle) pin Isaiah Smart (Brookville) 1:38;
160: Kaden Langdon (Carlisle) pin Tim Novitzke (Celina) 2:34; Collin Willet (Bloom-Carroll) pin Ryan Iams (Ross) 1:58; Myron Hollingsworth (Stivers) Bye Bye Bye; Luca Miraldi (Dixie Heights) pin Conner Goldman*BCA (X1) 0:19;
170: Devin Oligee (Madison) pin Brayden Mullins (Celina) 1:22; Ray Beneker (Ross) pin Hayden Hughes (Waynesville) 0:38; William Webb (Brookville) pin Dakota Robinson (Hillcrest) 1:48; Kale Kraner (Bloom-Carroll) Bye Bye Bye;
182: Triston Engle (Preble Shawnee) pin Braiden Howard*CEL (X1) 1:17; Rece Rutledge (Celina) forfeit Nate Walther (Dixie Heights) Forfeit; Mehki Bouldin (Ross) pin Bryce Mcknight (Carlisle) 2:21;
195: Quincy Brown (Madison) dec. Jayden Sweeney (Carlisle) 5-1; Cory Fortkamp (Celina) Default Zane Adams (Preble Shawnee) Default;
220: Jonathon Vanover (Vinton County) pin Fanci Maiben (Hillcrest) 1:50; Preston Brown (Madison) pin DaMario Pendleton*MAD (X1) 0:50; Ryan Harvey (Bloom-Carroll) Bye Bye Bye; Noah Rutherford (Carlisle) pin Cade Workman (Brookville) 1:33;
285: Ty Stevenson (Preble Shawnee) forfeit Cayden Thomson (Celina) Forfeit; Timmy McMannis (Vinton County) pin Joey Kendrick (Madison) 3:05; Logan Marburger (Brookville) Bye Bye Bye; Jordan Blevins*MAD (X1) pin Alex Couch (Carlisle) 1:35;

Fourth Round
138: Justin Ritchie (Carlisle) tech. fall Donovan Artis*CAR (X4) tf15-0; Billy Roberts*CEL (X2) pin John McKnight (Preble Shawnee) 4:21; Kyler Bowlby (Celina) pin Bradley Leeke*DHE (X3) 1:34; Kaden Lameier (Dixie Heights) pin Joseph Cockerham (Waynesville) 3:28;
145: Nick Dildine (Bloom-Carroll) pin Talon Williamson (Brookville) 1:23; Gavin Brown (Celina) pin Samson Andersen (Carlisle) 1:42; Trent Saylor*CAR (X1) pin Will Robinson*DHE (X2) 3:13; Levi Morgan (Waynesville) pin Blayne O’Laughlin (Preble Shawnee) 1:48;

Third Round
106: Landin Wallace (Celina) pin Jordan Miller (Ross) 0:57; Kyler Walsh (Carlisle) pin Andrew Hines*CEL (X2) 1:18; Dominic Keefe (Bloom-Carroll) pin Jacob McEldowney*ROS (X1) 1:04;
113: Gabe Miller (Fenwick) tech. fall Matthew Grubb (Preble Shawnee) tf17-1; Bradley Roy (Carlisle) dec. Brycen Dull (Brookville) 12-8; Brycen Miracle (Celina) dec. Trevor Miller (Dixie Heights) 10-4;
120: Skylar Hamric (Vinton County) pin Casey Schatzle (Preble Shawnee) 0:16; Nolan Kattine (Dixie Heights) pin Connor Linz*ROS (X1) 5:03; Landon Engle (Celina) pin Bryce Brown (Carlisle) 3:44; Ben Rye (Ross) pin Ian Johnson (Bloom-Carroll) 0:13;
126: Tyler Bruns (Ross) pin Zack King (Celina) 1:00;
132: Ben Breaker (Ross) Default Quentin Campbell (Vinton County) Default; Luke Roberts (Bloom-Carroll) pin Conner Bullerman (Stivers) 2:55; Abdulla Davlatboyev*CEL (X1) pin Nathan Baker (Fenwick) 0:40; Brayden Doran (Preble Shawnee) pin James Balcom (Brookville) 1:12; Nathan Wilson (Celina) pin Rodrigo Hijuelos (Madison) 2:31;
138: Justin Ritchie (Carlisle) pin Joseph Cockerham (Waynesville) 4:23; Billy Roberts*CEL (X2) pin Gavin Ford*PSH (X1) 5:12; Kyler Bowlby (Celina) pin John McKnight (Preble Shawnee) 2:30; Kaden Lameier (Dixie Heights) pin Donovan Artis*CAR (X4) 3:16;
145: Anthony Kopp (Dixie Heights) tech. fall Nick Dildine (Bloom-Carroll) tf16-0; Samson Andersen (Carlisle) pin Talon Williamson (Brookville) 0:26; Shannon Mcinnis (Vinton County) tech. fall Trent Saylor*CAR (X1) tf15-0; Blayne O’Laughlin (Preble Shawnee) pin Will Robinson*DHE (X2) 0:40;
152: Sean Beltran (Ross) pin Evan Willet*BCA (X1) 2:55; Zach Radabaugh (Vinton County) pin Isaiah Smart (Brookville) 0:20; Kolby Millard (Carlisle) pin Cody Pfaller (Dixie Heights) 1:00; Kole Wickline (Bloom-Carroll) dec. Ethan Ly (Celina) 9-6;
160: Kaden Langdon (Carlisle) pin Ryan Iams (Ross) 0:55; Myron Hollingsworth (Stivers) pin Conner Goldman*BCA (X1) 0:37; Collin Willet (Bloom-Carroll) pin Tim Novitzke (Celina) 1:57;
170: Devin Oligee (Madison) pin William Webb (Brookville) 1:28; Ray Beneker (Ross) pin Dakota Robinson (Hillcrest) 0:22; Brayden Mullins (Celina) pin Kale Kraner (Bloom-Carroll) 0:42;
182: Mehki Bouldin (Ross) pin Triston Engle (Preble Shawnee) 1:08; Braiden Howard*CEL (X1) forfeit Nate Walther (Dixie Heights) Forfeit; Bryce Mcknight (Carlisle) pin Rece Rutledge (Celina) 0:54;
195: Quincy Brown (Madison) forfeit Zane Adams (Preble Shawnee) Forfeit; Jayden Sweeney (Carlisle) pin Aiden Heimer (Brookville) 0:47;
220: Jonathon Vanover (Vinton County) pin Ryan Harvey (Bloom-Carroll) 0:26; DaMario Pendleton*MAD (X1) pin Cade Workman (Brookville) 0:21; Fanci Maiben (Hillcrest) pin Noah Rutherford (Carlisle) 3:43;
285: Ty Stevenson (Preble Shawnee) pin Logan Marburger (Brookville) 0:55; Joey Kendrick (Madison) pin Alex Couch (Carlisle) 1:09; Timmy McMannis (Vinton County) Default Cayden Thomson (Celina) Default;

Second Round
106: Landin Wallace (Celina) maj. dec. Ethan Evans (Fenwick) md11-1; Kyler Walsh (Carlisle) dec. Dominic Keefe (Bloom-Carroll) 6-2; Andrew Hines*CEL (X2) pin Jacob McEldowney*ROS (X1) 0:41;
113: Gabe Miller (Fenwick) pin Brycen Dull (Brookville) 0:44; Matthew Grubb (Preble Shawnee) pin Bradley Roy (Carlisle) 0:49; Trevor Miller (Dixie Heights) pin Phillip Stevens (Waynesville) 1:52;
120: Skylar Hamric (Vinton County) pin Connor Linz*ROS (X1) 1:28; Nolan Kattine (Dixie Heights) pin Casey Schatzle (Preble Shawnee) 4:33; Landon Engle (Celina) pin Ian Johnson (Bloom-Carroll) 0:57; Bryce Brown (Carlisle) maj. dec. Ben Rye (Ross) md20-9;
126: Tyler Bruns (Ross) pin Bryce Ruff (Bloom-Carroll) 2:59;
132: Ben Breaker (Ross) pin Patrick Butler (Dixie Heights) 0:46; Luke Roberts (Bloom-Carroll) pin Nathan Baker (Fenwick) 0:53; Conner Bullerman (Stivers) dec. Abdulla Davlatboyev*CEL (X1) 6-0; Brayden Doran (Preble Shawnee) pin James Hardyman (Waynesville) 1:09; Nathan Wilson (Celina) pin Elisha Roberts (Hillcrest) 3:45;
138: Joseph Cockerham (Waynesville) pin Chris Northrup (Brookville) 0:32; Gavin Ford*PSH (X1) maj. dec. Bradley Leeke*DHE (X3) md14-3; John McKnight (Preble Shawnee) pin Cole Sherman (Bloom-Carroll) 1:16; Donovan Artis*CAR (X4) pin Johnny Harris (Madison) 0:32;
145: Anthony Kopp (Dixie Heights) pin Talon Williamson (Brookville) 1:47; Nick Dildine (Bloom-Carroll) dec. Gavin Brown (Celina) 6-2; Shannon Mcinnis (Vinton County) pin Will Robinson*DHE (X2) 1:39; Levi Morgan (Waynesville) pin Trent Saylor*CAR (X1) 4:47;
152: Sean Beltran (Ross) pin Zach Radabaugh (Vinton County) 0:19; Evan Willet*BCA (X1) pin Isaiah Smart (Brookville) 0:45; Ethan Ly (Celina) pin Kolby Millard (Carlisle) 4:39; Kole Wickline (Bloom-Carroll) pin Cody Pfaller (Dixie Heights) 3:28;
160: Kaden Langdon (Carlisle) pin Myron Hollingsworth (Stivers) 1:07; Ryan Iams (Ross) pin Conner Goldman*BCA (X1) 1:36; Tim Novitzke (Celina) pin Luca Miraldi (Dixie Heights) 1:58;
170: Hayden Hughes (Waynesville) pin William Webb (Brookville) 5:39; Ray Beneker (Ross) pin Kale Kraner (Bloom-Carroll) 1:51; Brayden Mullins (Celina) pin Dakota Robinson (Hillcrest) 1:04;
182: Triston Engle (Preble Shawnee) forfeit Nate Walther (Dixie Heights) Forfeit; Mehki Bouldin (Ross) pin Rece Rutledge (Celina) 0:23; Bryce Mcknight (Carlisle) pin Braiden Howard*CEL (X1) 2:29;
195: Quincy Brown (Madison) pin Aiden Heimer (Brookville) 1:00; Cory Fortkamp (Celina) pin Jayden Sweeney (Carlisle) 3:27;
220: Jonathon Vanover (Vinton County) pin DaMario Pendleton*MAD (X1) 0:36; Ryan Harvey (Bloom-Carroll) pin Cade Workman (Brookville) 2:39; Preston Brown (Madison) pin Noah Rutherford (Carlisle) 0:16;
285: Ty Stevenson (Preble Shawnee) pin Joey Kendrick (Madison) 0:27; Logan Marburger (Brookville) pin Alex Couch (Carlisle) 2:00; Cayden Thomson (Celina) tech. fall Jordan Blevins*MAD (X1) tf16-0;

First Round
106: Ethan Evans (Fenwick) pin Jordan Miller (Ross) 1:18; Kyler Walsh (Carlisle) pin Jacob McEldowney*ROS (X1) 0:22; Dominic Keefe (Bloom-Carroll) maj. dec. Andrew Hines*CEL (X2) md13-4;
113: Gabe Miller (Fenwick) pin Bradley Roy (Carlisle) 1:32; Matthew Grubb (Preble Shawnee) pin Brycen Dull (Brookville) 1:45; Brycen Miracle (Celina) tech. fall Phillip Stevens (Waynesville) tf26-11;
120: Skylar Hamric (Vinton County) pin Nolan Kattine (Dixie Heights) 1:32; Casey Schatzle (Preble Shawnee) pin Connor Linz*ROS (X1) 0:37; Landon Engle (Celina) pin Ben Rye (Ross) 1:41; Bryce Brown (Carlisle) pin Ian Johnson (Bloom-Carroll) 0:37;
126: Bryce Ruff (Bloom-Carroll) pin Blake Mock (Vinton County) 3:50;
132: Patrick Butler (Dixie Heights) pin Quentin Campbell (Vinton County) 0:24; Luke Roberts (Bloom-Carroll) dec. Abdulla Davlatboyev*CEL (X1) 3-2; Conner Bullerman (Stivers) pin Nathan Baker (Fenwick) 2:49; James Balcom (Brookville) pin James Hardyman (Waynesville) 1:09; Elisha Roberts (Hillcrest) pin Rodrigo Hijuelos (Madison) 1:39;
138: Justin Ritchie (Carlisle) pin Chris Northrup (Brookville) 3:35; Bradley Leeke*DHE (X3) pin Billy Roberts*CEL (X2) 3:05; Kyler Bowlby (Celina) pin Cole Sherman (Bloom-Carroll) 1:52; Kaden Lameier (Dixie Heights) pin Johnny Harris (Madison) 1:52;
145: Anthony Kopp (Dixie Heights) pin Samson Andersen (Carlisle) 2:54; Gavin Brown (Celina) pin Talon Williamson (Brookville) 4:50; Shannon Mcinnis (Vinton County) pin Blayne O’Laughlin (Preble Shawnee) 1:21; Levi Morgan (Waynesville) pin Will Robinson*DHE (X2) 0:56;
152: Sean Beltran (Ross) pin Isaiah Smart (Brookville) 0:36; Evan Willet*BCA (X1) pin Zach Radabaugh (Vinton County) 0:42; Ethan Ly (Celina) pin Cody Pfaller (Dixie Heights) 3:00; Kole Wickline (Bloom-Carroll) pin Kolby Millard (Carlisle) 3:42;
160: Kaden Langdon (Carlisle) pin Conner Goldman*BCA (X1) 0:26; Ryan Iams (Ross) pin Myron Hollingsworth (Stivers) 4:53; Collin Willet (Bloom-Carroll) pin Luca Miraldi (Dixie Heights) 2:51;
170: Devin Oligee (Madison) pin Hayden Hughes (Waynesville) 1:51; Ray Beneker (Ross) pin Brayden Mullins (Celina) 2:27; Kale Kraner (Bloom-Carroll) pin Dakota Robinson (Hillcrest) 2:43;
182: Triston Engle (Preble Shawnee) pin Rece Rutledge (Celina) 1:42; Mehki Bouldin (Ross) pin Braiden Howard*CEL (X1) 1:07; Bryce Mcknight (Carlisle) forfeit Nate Walther (Dixie Heights) Forfeit;
195: Jayden Sweeney (Carlisle) pin Zane Adams (Preble Shawnee) 4:37; Cory Fortkamp (Celina) pin Aiden Heimer (Brookville) 3:02;
220: Jonathon Vanover (Vinton County) pin Cade Workman (Brookville) 0:14; DaMario Pendleton*MAD (X1) pin Ryan Harvey (Bloom-Carroll) 3:54; Preston Brown (Madison) pin Fanci Maiben (Hillcrest) 4:41;
285: Ty Stevenson (Preble Shawnee) pin Alex Couch (Carlisle) 0:37; Joey Kendrick (Madison) pin Logan Marburger (Brookville) 3:44; Timmy McMannis (Vinton County) pin Jordan Blevins*MAD (X1) 1:02;