(3-31-20) Yesterday Ohio Governor Mike DeWine ordered an extension to schools around the state to remain closed until May 1st.

So what if…schools are allowed to reopen on that date? This should allow Spring sports to move forward. What will that mean for baseball?

Had the pandemic never happened this is the OHSAA schedule for baseball that teams would be following now –

Feb. 24
First Day of Coaching
Mar. 28
Season Begins
May 11
Non-Interscholastic Date (All Boys & Girls Divisions)
May 16-23
Sectional Tournaments
May 25-30
District Tournaments
June 4-5
Regional Tournaments
June 11-13
State Tournament, Canal Park Akron
June 20
Season Ends

Veteran Defiance Baseball  Coach Tom Held answered some questions we asked him based on the May 1st restart of school.

Coach Held started off with this thought –

First off, everyone needs to know that Emily Gates, Jerry Snodgrass and OHSAA are doing a great job and want to do everything possible to get the spring sports played.

*What option would you need to get ready to play- days or weeks to get ready or start day 1 –

Outside of a pitcher, a week is enough time to be ready as everyone would be in the same situation. I firmly believe it takes a good 3 weeks of throwing to be ready to pitch in a game. If the kids could get out and throw before this, then I would feel more comfortable putting them on the hill.

Originally when we were starting on April 6th for practice and April 11th for games; I thought this would be a decent timeline for pitchers as most had been throwing and in pretty good shape and could still go outside and throw. Sitting out for at least 6 weeks and not throwing is like starting all over again for a pitcher. I don’t think 5 days is enough time for a pitcher to be ready to pitch live in a game.

*play league games, or just schedule and play – how long til mid June, all of June

I would try to play a 20 game season minimum if we would have 6 weeks. We could probably still get 25 games in. We usually get 25 ACME games in before summer in a month and that is sharing time with Football and Basketball by playing DH’s.

If we started games on May 15 and played the regular season until the end of June. We could condense the tourney into 3 weeks and still be done by July 20th or so. This is when ACME completes each summer.

*pitch count, issues you might face

The pitch count would not change in my opinion

There are other considerations for the tournament, mainly availability of game locations around the state. The State Championships were scheduled for June 11th to 13th in Canton, that might depend on what schedule minor league baseball will be taking to restart if the dates are moved backed.

The OHSAA will have the next weeks to consider what will take place, they also have softball, track and other spring sports to consider.

OHSAA first sponsored baseball championships in 1928, since that time every season has produced state champions…including the time of World War II in the 1940’s. The hope is to continue that streak.

NOTE: ACME is a summer baseball league made up of players from each competing school, Seniors who graduated from Spring ball are not included. High school coaches cannot coach their schools. The school are located on the westernpart of Ohio.