(5-26-20)  The 2020 Major League Baseball draft will be held virtually for the first time this year due to the pandemic. The draft will be just five rounds (instead of the normal 40 rounds), the first pick will be June 10th by the Detroit Tigers.

For Celina native and Ohio State Buckeye Seth Lonsway it will be his second time going through the draft process. After he had graduated from high school he would be drafted in the 19th round of the 2017 draft by Cincinnati. Lonsway took a pass on the deal offered by the Reds and would go on to start his collegiate career at Ohio State.

This year’s college season for Lonsway would end almost before it started… it suddenly came to a quick end due to COVID 19.  Just another bump in Lonsway’s  college career, he has had a few and has handled the adversity each time.

MLB Prospects Top 100 Ranked 50th

Lonsway is presently ranked as the MLB’s #50 overall prospect heading into the draft, the 1st round has 37 overall picks, which include competitive balance selections. Lonsway, by many expert opinions, could move up enough to be selected in the 1st round. The MLB Top 100 has 6 LHP  and 18 RHP pitchers ranked ahead of him.

A look at how the MLB web site evaluates Lonsway heading into the draft –

Lonsway has one of the best curveballs in the 2020 Draft, a bender with power and deptht. More velocity this spring, working at 93-94 mph at times and topping out at 96 with riding action on his four-seam fastball. Added a solid slider/cutter  and shows some feel for a change-up, though he doesn’t use it very often.

Lonsway locates his curve better than his fastball…walked 18 in as many innings as a redshirt sophomore. He has an odd delivery with a nearly over-the-top slot and an extreme head tilt, and he has trouble keeping everything in sync. Can be unhittable when he throws strikes with his fastball but struggles to do so.

cbssports.com recently featured Lonsway as one of the five most polarizing players in the draft. From the story they see him going higher in the draft then predicted by others.

Every team believes it can unlock better stuff, or better control, or what have you. Lonsway will get drafted, and the team that takes him will think they can get him (or his pitches, anyway) on the straight and narrow more often. If so, there’s substantial upside waiting to be reaped. Our guess is that Lonsway will end up being picked higher than he ought to based on his odds of figuring it out.

This year’s draftees will most likely not be playing an organized game this season in the minors, since pandemic issues are still around and because MLB and the players association are still trying to just have a season facing safety concerns.

For all of these drafted players it will be something that has never happened in any previous year or draft. How will contracts look, with owners hoping to cut down on expenses it might be a big part of the signing process.

Lonsway hopes that this draft will be the positive turning point in his baseball career…he will find out on June 10th.


First round selections
1 		Detroit Tigers 		
2 		Baltimore Orioles 		
3 		Miami Marlins 		
4 		Kansas City Royals 		
5 		Toronto Blue Jays 		
6 		Seattle Mariners 		
7 		Pittsburgh Pirates 		
8 		San Diego Padres 		
9 		Colorado Rockies 		
10 		Los Angeles Angels 		
11 		Chicago White Sox 		
12 		Cincinnati Reds 		
13 		San Francisco Giants 		
14 		Texas Rangers 		
15 		Philadelphia Phillies 		
16 		Chicago Cubs 		
17 		Boston Red Sox 		
18 		Arizona Diamondbacks 		
19 		New York Mets 		
20 		Milwaukee Brewers 		
21 		St. Louis Cardinals 		
22 		Washington Nationals 		
23 		Cleveland Indians 		
24 		Tampa Bay Rays 		
25 		Atlanta Braves 		
26 		Oakland Athletics 		
27 		Minnesota Twins 		
28 		New York Yankees 		
29 		Los Angeles Dodgers 
Competitive Balance Round A
30 		Baltimore Orioles 		
31 		Pittsburgh Pirates 		
32 		Kansas City Royals 		
33 		Arizona Diamondbacks 		
34 		San Diego Padres 		
35 		Colorado Rockies 		
36 		Cleveland Indians 		
37 		Tampa Bay Rays[Trades 1]