(8-29-20) 3 Boys and 3 Girls Celina Rotary Invitational champions were crowned. The race took place at the Wright State Lake Campus on the shores of Grand Lake.

Bellmont’s boys rolled to an easy Celina Rotary Invitational Section 1 Championship outdistancing New Haven 23-52 The Braves were led by meet winner Deion Guise with a time of 17:01.56…Bellmont would go 2,3, 8 and 9 to dominate the race.

Celina would finish 4th and Jay County 5th.

The Celina girls would win the Section 1 Celina Rotary Invitational outdistancing Bellmont 27-76. Celina, led by the Dameron’s, would finish 1-2 Kaylie would finish in a time of 20:01.42 and Joscelyn in a time of 21:12.60. The Bulldogs would also finish in 5th, 9th and 12th.

Jay County would finish 4th.

In the Boys Section 2 of the Celina Rotary, Ft. Loramie would pick up the team title outdistancing Benjamin Logan 38-71. The Redskins were led by race winner Colten Gasson who finished in a time of 17:39.31.

Coldwater’s Issace Schoen finished 2nd in a time of 17:30.79 and South Adams’ Clancy McIntyre finished 4th in a time of 18:21.57.

The Ft. Loramie girls scored a ‘perfect’ 15 today in the Celina Rotary Invitational Section 2 Race.

The Redskins Claire Rethman was the race winner with a time of 20:58.63.

South Adams, who did not have enough runners to field a team, had McKenzie Sturwold and Megan Miller finish 4th and 5th, that would allow Ft. Loramie to pick-up the 15 points.

In the Boys Section 3 race, Marion Local picked up the win outscoring New Bremen 35-54.

The Flyers Troy Stucke finished 2nd to lead the way with a time of 19:23.63, while Ft. Recovery’s Trevor Heitkamp was the race winner in a time of 18:46.42.

St. Henry won the Section 3 race outscoring Ft. Recovery 29-45.

Blackhawk Christian’s (who did not have a team score) Chloe Hogue was the race winner in a time of 21:23.64. St. Henry’s Kunkler finished 2nd in a time of 21:52.54.

The Redskins Leah Heitkamp and Ally Heath finished in 3rd and 4th place. Ft. Recovery’s Ellie Will finished 5th.