Tweet from Northwest Herald’s Alex Kantecki

(10-14-20) Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker made a statement today about ‘outbreaks’ taking place in other states that have fall sports in play.

Pritzker said during his COVID 19 update that on a conference call yesterday with other Governors they shared that many were facing outbreaks due to fall sports.

Pritzker only identified them as –

‘a number of governors from around the country, both parties’

No details, facts or incidents were given with the statement. Not unusual in Pritzker’s updates to make unfounded information on the pandemic.

Many states are currently completing seasons in numerous sports, including regional neighbors, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio. While Illinois shut down, football, volleyball and boys soccer. State playoffs are taking place in all fall sports in those states.

Other states have faced challenges during the pandemic, but have made many adjustments, including social distancing and have placed other safety precautions on games and matches. Have there benn setbacks? Yes…but adjustments have been made and are working.

Just as disappointing to those in Illinois is the lack of support coming from the Illinois High School Association (IHSA) during the rallies….opting out of supporting the efforts made to resume fall sports.

Pritzker has faced backlash from parents, student-athletes and coaches over the shut-down of these activities. Recently rallies were held in Springfield and Chicago in support of re-starting the fall seasons…Pritzker has not budged saying –

Illinois would continue to operate on the basis of science and data

Tonight from an email newsletter posted by Illinois State Senator Dave Syverson on the issue of COVID 19 information reporting-

The fact that only the people who are sick or believe they have been in contact with someone who is sick get tested. This is not a legitimate sampling of the population for reporting.

Illinois long known for Governors with bad behavior (including jail time), seem to have continued that tradition with this administration.

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