(9-21-20) Today in Springfield, Illinois Gover JB Pritzker commented on why he will not change his mind and why he won’t allow football (boys soccer and volleyball) this fall in the state.

“There are a lot of other things that are at work here other than testing that affect whether or not we would have certain sports available to be played by high schoolers in the fall. I think (medical experts) concern is that certain sports that are high contact sports are likely to result in the exchange of sweat, saliva and so on on the field and even off the field.”

“There’s quite a long list of relatively low risk sports that have been allowed as a result of the decisions by our doctors.”

“The reason we aren’t just letting everything go at this point is because the virus is still out there. We still have a relatively high positivity rate. It’s lower than our neighbors, that’s true, but there are quite a number of states that have lower positivity rates than we do.”

ABC 7 You Tube video – Pritzker made his statement after students, parents and coaches gathered in Springfield and Chicago this weekend to ask him to allow football, boys soccer and volleyball to play now-

The Illinois High School Association (IHSA) staff did not attend, support or back any of the rallies.