(11-19-20) Today’s announcement that the OHSAA State Football Championships had been switched from the Columbus area to Massillon had to be one of the biggest shockers of 2020…and that takes a lot to accomplish this year.

For three Stateline area finalist, Coldwater, New Bremen and Van Wert, it will mean at least an extra hour bus ride, which includes driving across the entire state. Add to that the last minute arrangements for numerous parts of the trip and added expenses…and you have one of the strangest weekends in Ohio High School football history.

For the athletic directors and coaches it has to be a nightmare. The details that go into planning a road trip for a football team….wow. Be sure to thank your school officials, they don’t get paid by the hour.

Last week the D I title game was held at Fortress Obetz and now they move to Massillon (a big task for them to undertake) …it must all seem like an episode of the ‘Twilight Season’.

The OHSAA, no matter what your thoughts are on them, has worked hard this season just to get it to this point…the State Finals. No one can imagine what they have had to do in the last couple of days (since March) in making the arrangements. The easiest decision they could have made for this weekend would have been to cancel the playoffs or wait a couple of weeks and hope for a change in the stay at home order (that’s what Michigan did this week) …but they didn’t. Thanks to their hard work there will be six new state champions crowned this weekend.

This year has not been a normal season, a pandemic, six regular season games, some leagues playing only member schools, games cancelled on Monday and sometimes a game is picked up during the week, all teams eligible for the playoffs, teams seeded by coaches (no computer points), teams eliminated from the playoffs schedule additional games…you get the picture. So it is only fitting that the championship games were moved at the last minute…after all it is 2020.