(4-20-21) The OHSAA Board of Directors will meet this Thursday (April 22nd), one of the items that they will be discussing are possible membership fees being implemented for member schools due to the impact of the pandemic.

At the February (regular schedule) meeting the minutes included a mention that a recommendation from the Executive Director will be presented to the Board.

A nearby state association, Illinois High School Athletic Association (IHSA), just approved membership fees for the next three years.

The Board approved a recommendation from the IHSA Financial Ad Hoc Committee to implement an annual membership assessment over the course of the 2021-22, 2022-23, and 2023-24 school years. Known as the IHSA Recovery Plan, the graduated fee structure is based on a school’s enrollment, which is generally a strong indicator of participation in IHSA sport and activity programs. Assessments for the 2021-22 school year will be collected through September 1, 2021. The graduated assessment structure is as follows:

1-155   $500 $250 $125 
307.5-605  $1,250$625$313
605.5-1379 $1,625$813$407
1379.5+  $2,000$1,000$500

This past Fall the OHSAA Board took the following measures to help with financial situation caused by the pandemic. The impact was felt by all members.

Presale Ticket Shares/Bonuses: Football and basketball presale ticket shares/bonuses will not be paid out to member schools participating in 2020-21 OHSAA tournaments.

Team Tournament Expenses: No team expenses will be paid to member schools participating in 2020-21 OHSAA tournaments.

Tournament Entry Fees: $25 tournament entry fees will be incorporated for the following sports: boys and girls bowling; boys and girls golf; gymnastics; boys and girls cross country; boys and girls tennis; boys and girls track & field, and boys and girls swimming & diving. As OHSAA “emerging” sports, boys and girls lacrosse will continue to have a $100 fee per gender.

Other Fees: Bowling tournament lane fees and golf tournament greens fees will not be paid by the OHSAA in 2020-21.

No other details have been released publicly about the format, fees, how it will be incorporated at this time. School administrators may have to again adjust their budgets for athletics.

Below is the email reply from OHSAA officials on what the Board will be discussing on this issue at Thursday’s meeting.

Tim Stried – OHSAA

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