(8-27-21) In a recent OHSAA Board of Directors Special Meeting on August 3rd the board approved a cost of living increase for the executive director, chief operating officer and some staff members.

The pay increase comes after a difficult financial year for member schools and athletic departments. To add to that during state tournaments ticket prices for all tournament events were increased. The majority of the funds collected from ticket sales all went into the OHSAA coffers…plus schools were not reimbursed for any expenses and travel involved in those events as in past years. Schools also were required to pay a fee for each sport, plus some additional fees for certain sports (golf and bowling) they competed in. School tournament host schools were given a very small amount to pay for expenses.

The vote to approve the increase was 6-0 (2 members missing), plus the minutes state the OHSAA Financial Committee had seen the information and according to the minutes ‘were in step with the recommendation’..

Add the recent plan that this school year and in the future members will pay set fees to compete in state tournaments.

The minutes, which left out any of the plan, do not include what the ‘cost of living increase’ will be, how many staffers are included and what the overall cost to the association will be for the year. Details of the raise that were given to the board were not included and are not on the web site. Agendas for Board meetings are not made public and minutes are not posted in a timely manner. No discussion on the issue was included in the minutes.

While member schools pay the cost, the OHSAA reaps the financial rewards.

August 3rd – OHSAA Board of Directors Special Meeting Minutes