(9-14-21) The Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) Board of Directors met on August 26th. Below are some of the highlights from the minutes that appear on the web site, plus the complete minutes (below) from the meeting as posted.

NOTE: Consent agenda items typically include: Committee and previous board meeting minutes; Office or committee reports; Routine correspondence that require no action; Minor changes in a policy or procedure (e.g., for purposes of clarity or to update without changing intent or meaning);

One of the consent items was the number of games needed to be played in the 2021 football season to be eligible to compete in the playoffs, lowered from 8 games to five games due to COVID 19 issues (assumed, not included in the minutes). The key in determining the qualifiers will remain the divisor already in place for computer points.

Was there input from the Ohio HS Football Coaches Association? Good question…there was no other details shared in the minutes.

Schools who are facing OHSAA violations can expect outside investigative services to show up on their doorsteps. According to the minutes this is a ‘continued use‘ by the OHSAA. The cost of this service is not mentioned in the minutes and no details were given.

The vote to approve all of the consent items was 9-0.

The pandemic caused both the OHSAA and member schools severe financial issues in lost income. Last year the OHSAA decided to take care of the associations funding, while schools were left to fend for themselves and give up their shares. This year member schools will be paying a membership fee to be used by the association…so what did the OHSAA do in a Special Meeting called in early August?

They gave selected staff members cost of living raises, that information has not been shared on the web site on the details and the cost of that package.

Ticket prices was a new business item on the agenda that was tabled. The minutes indicate that ticket plan met with some uncertainty. A modified recommendation will be brought in to consider by the Executive Director’s office in the September 23rd meeting. None of the details were a part of the minutes.

The financial report shows that the prior year – total cash and investments on hand – was $6,061,704, actual is presently $11, 120, 347.

OHSAA Board Minutes are quite sketchy, with very little details and do not include any discussion by members on items.

In this virtual world the OHSAA should consider streaming future meetings, this will allow anyone to watch if interested to see what is taking place in detail. Some state associations have moved in that direction to give an open view of what is happening.

Complete Minutes

OHSAA Board Approves Cost Of Living Increases For Executives And Selected Staff