(1-4-22) The key to a long consecutive win streak in high school football is winning a bunch of state titles. Only state champions end the season with a consecutive win streak. The next thing to keep it going is being ready to play and handle the pressure….the longer the streak the more the pressure builds….everyone expects you to win. Your opponent wants to be the school to stop the streak, sometimes they give you their best game.

Ask any school that has had a long consecutive game win streak, it is tough to maintain. The current consecutive win streak entering 2022 is Riverheads (Va) ending the season with 50. Bixby (Ok) is right behind them with 49.

In the entire US only four teams have 40 or more consecutive wins.

NOTE: This list includes the top winning team from each state

De La Salle (CA) won 151 consecutive games from 1992-2003…that is all-time longest consecutive win streak in high school football.

De La Salle is beaten — streak ends at 151

All-Time National Win Streaks

1-De La Salle (Concord, CA) 151
2-Independence (Charlotte, NC) 109
3-Pahranagat Valley (Alamo, NV) 104
4-Shattuck (OK) 92
5-Morrison (OK) 90

De La Salle had another streaked stopped this season in September –